Casting the Braves

guzmanIf they can make a movie out of “Moneyball,” with Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, why not one about the ’90’s Braves?

The only obvious casting decisions I can think of are Matthew Broderick as Mad Dog and Luis Guzman (“The Limey,” “Oz,” “Boogie Nights,” “Carlito’s Way,” every other movie in the last 10 years with a Hispanic sidekick) as Eddie Perez.

Who plays Bobby? And Chipper? And Dave Gallagher?



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  1. They don’t look all that much like each other, but Mel Gibson probably has some unique perspective in to John Rocker’s state of mind. ;-]

    There was talk Chipper would play Mantle, but he didn’t Chipper has since said he was disappointed to not get the part.

  2. Dissed by Billy Crystal? Chipper deserved better than that.

    Marge (laughing at her own joke): “I’m a regular Billy Crystal.”
    Bart: “You got that right.”

    (Unclear, but I meant “didn’t Thomas Jane play Mickey Mantle …”)

  3. Esai Morales as Javy Lopez

    Loclyn Munroe (look him up) as John Rocker

    Omar Epps as Ron Gant

    T.J. Thyne as John Smoltz

    More as I think of them…

  4. That’s funny, I was going to suggest a young Gary Cooper for Glavine. Not much room for discussion there….

  5. Charlie Leibrandt – Christopher Walken
    Tom Glavine – Joel Gretsch
    Marquis Grissom – Terry Crews
    Leo Mazzone – Robert Duvall
    Bobby Cox – Harrison Ford (with weight gain)
    Sid Bream – Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat)

  6. How about the adult Anthony Michael Hall as Glavine?
    Nick Cannon as David Justice.

  7. I’m loving Sacha Baron Cohen as Sid. Gotta find a role for the black Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson (as in, there’s no movie he won’t do). Perhaps as Clarence Jones?

  8. I really need to quit thinking about this, but everytime I start something else another “cast member” pops into my head.

    Mark Lemke – Geico Caveman

    I hope that the final cast w/pictures is posted in the coming weeks.

  9. Bill Nunn as Clarence Jones

    Steve Zahn as Greg Olson

    David Denman as Ryan Klesko

  10. Charles Dutton as TP
    Shemar Moore as David Justice
    Vince Vaughan as Ryan Kelsko
    Efren Ramirez as Rafael Belliard
    Paul Giamatti as Mark Lemke
    Broderick as Maddux
    Jon Heder as Charlie Liebrandt
    Henry Rollins as John Rocker (think Rollins in The Chase)
    Samuel L. Jackson as Marquis Grissom
    Antonio Banderas as Javy Lopez
    Benico Del Toro as Sid Bream
    …This consumed me throughout my dinner, there may be more coming.

  11. Shemar Moore is a great call. Was he in the Y&R cast when Dave had that cameo?

  12. Billy Bob Thornton as JS

    Still, can’t find a good Bobby Cox. Want to go w/ Deniro, but he’s a little too NY.

  13. I haven’t heard any suggestions for Bobby Dews – too bad that “Blue” from Old School has already kicked it. We also need to find a way to cast Ernest Borgnine in this.

  14. Ted’s gotta play himself. Watch the movie “Gettysburg” for his acting debut.

  15. Too bad Scatman Caruthers died. He could be Walter Banks. Or maybe Morgan Freeman could play him. Or Morgan could play Henry Aaron. Jane could of course play herself. How about Dabney Coleman as Skip? Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Jerry Willard?

  16. Shatner would be an awesome Bobby.

    If we cover the ’91 Series, Cedric the Entertainer could play Kirby Puckett.

    Yes, I’m still mad at the fat fraud.

  17. Rufino’s suggestions are dead on. I have to nominate Brad Pitt for Chipper – just watched Snatch again last night and was reminded of what a great character actor he is. And YES, Shatner as Bobby is just ridiculously awesome. I’m going to be thinking about this all night, I don’t know how I missed this post the first time around.

  18. Hit and miss, Luke. Good call on Clint Howard, but I hated that Judd fucker, and I think the ladies of Atlanta would tell you Javy has a much better ass. Wilkinson is a solid one, but Matthew Broderick is Maddux. Period.

    And Rob, Bosworth as Rocker is inspired.

  19. As for Kevin Bacon – I’m thinkng the Long haired(version) of the Bacon would be a good Mike Bielecki.

  20. This thread is the reason why I love this site. Screw VORP, let’s make a movie!

  21. All this movie speculating got me to thinking about a Braves themed spin-off TV series staring a mustachioed John Lurie as the droll, wisecracking Sid Bream and Nick Cannon as his smooth-talking buddy, Francisco Cabrera. It could be like a cop-buddy show. On field, they team up for amazing plays and thrilling, series-winning hits. Off the field they solve crimes and get into all kinds of wacky hi-jinks. There could be a supporting cast of Braves players who also help them get into and out of jams a ‘la Magnum PI (Charles Dutton as the gruff Terry Pendelton, country singer Alan Jackson as the good-natured hillbilly backstop, Charlie O’Brien, and an inanimate, Braves baseball cap wearing log as Keith Lockhart). Just a thought…

    John Lurie

    Nick Cannon

    Charles Dutton

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