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Mark Bradley thinks it’s time for a change in the Braves dugout, and I’m almost inclined to agree (it’s tough to come out and say it).

I’ll say this: the qualities that made Bobby so effective in the part seem to be working against him now. It’s one thing to stick with a struggling David Justice or Tom Glavine — their track records assured a turnaround. But FITP and KJ have no such records of success, and continuing to run them out there every day hasn’t done them, or the team, any good. And it’s hard not to question his handling of the pitching staff. Why, for instance, did he bring in Rafael Soriano with the Braves leading by five Friday night but not today when the score was tied?

So now it’s your turn — again (asked in early May who should be the manager in 2010, 58 percent answered Bobby). Assuming no one wants to see him fired — and no true Braves fan would wish such an unceremonious end to a Hall of Fame career — I’ll keep it simple:



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  1. I think I just voted for “stay” by accident. I hope he recognizes it himself, but it’s time for him to wrap it up.

    Whichever of the AJC’s people who wrote the other day that Pendleton has too much of Bobby in him and wouldn’t be much of a change is…let’s just say “mistaken” and leave it at that. If TP (or Eddie, for that matter) take over, there are going to be some asses with footprints on them.

  2. Last year, I would have been okay with Admiral Ned. You guys have since talked me out of that.

  3. Grammar nerd in me- but wouldn’t picking “Yes” in the poll indicate that you believe he should either stay or go and “No” indicate that you don’ think he should stay or go?

  4. Thanks for changing the poll. Like I wrote, I think I messed it up the first time.

  5. He’s too loyal to ‘his guys’ at the expense of the team, and he has no sense of how to use the modern bullpen. God bless him, he’s headed to Cooperstown, but we should’ve won at least two more Championships than we did during that run. For whatever reason, those teams weren’t ready to play come crunch time. Steady as she goes doesn’t work in a short series.

    His bromance with Pan, KJ and Bennett has gone beyond crazy. I think all three will be somewhere else by next Spring.

  6. The manager makes a difference, but a cleanup hitter would make more of a difference. Be careful what you wish for. The last thing I would want to see is a Braves manager with an ego.
    I still like this club. I like our pitching as well as almost any other team. We have lost some heartbreakers this year, but we haven’t been completely out of very many. Garrett Anderson is finding his stroke. Chipper is about due to get hot again. Because of Gonzalez and Soriano, I still think this team can contend.

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