Francoeur fans should skip this post

First, a question: Why does the Lilburn Flash-in-the-Pan receive a louder applause from the home folks than McCann? Is it looks, or are Braves fans that clueless?

I’ve had it with Francoeur. I’m sick of hearing about his love for the Red Sox. I’m tired of that crappy country music that accompanies his AB’s. I’m tired of his AB’s.

Now we learn that Frenchy has a complicated relationship with TP. There’s some debate as to whether Pendleton is a good hitting coach — none of us really know. Could it be that Francoeur is simply a lunkhead who doesn’t listen?

Has his work with Jaramillo damaged his relationship with Pendleton? Francoeur: “We’ve talked about it. We’re working together now. I really can’t say much. It is what it is.”

No doubt Rudy Jaramillio is the premier hitting coach in baseball, but even he hasn’t been able to reach Francoeur. Instead of blaming everyone else, maybe Frenchy should start taking some responsibility for his failures.

If results truly matter, TP deserves the benefit of doubt. During his tenure the Braves have posted team batting averages at or above .270 five times.

Whether or not he deserves credit for that, I hope TP is Bobby’s successor.



19 thoughts on “Francoeur fans should skip this post

  1. I know that Francouer’s love for the Roid Sox pisses you off, but guess who McDonough, GA native Jason Heyward’s favorite team was growing up according to Mark Bowman at

    ‘While the Braves play in his backyard, Heyward has grown up as a Yankees fan. In fact, his favorite big leaguer is Derek Jeter.

    “When I tell people that, they say he’s not left-handed or even an outfielder,” Heyward said. “But I just like the way that he plays and he’s such a great leader. Plus, he plays for my favorite team.”‘

  2. I hope that doesn’t ruin it for anyone cheering for Heyward. Kids are kids. They latch on to a team for whatever reason. I agree that people who cheer for certain out-of-town teams are really fucking annoying…but it’s really the adults who do it that we should berate.

    Frenchy probably does go in the “non-listening lunkhead” column, but maybe a better way to judge TP would be to look more empirically at all of the young hitters who have had a chance to mature under him. Furcal, Giles, Andruw (okay, another non-listener, but he was still just 24 when TP assumed his role), Langerhans, LaRoche, KJ, McCann, Escobar, Prado, and to a lesser extent, Betemit and Thorman (may be missing a few). It’s impossible to tell how many improved because of TP, but I would list McCann, Escobar, Prado, and LaRoche (while with the Braves) as unqualified successes, Giles, Furcal, KJ, and Betemit as decent with reservations, and Andruw, Langerhans, and Thorman (and Frenchy) as complete failures. Your views may differ, but the distribution of good/ok/fail is pretty equal. I’m not drawing any conclusions, but this is one way to look at the available “data.”

  3. Frenchy is the handsome local boy who can do no wrong. McCann is a ballplayer, period. Human nature seems to be to give the beneift of the doubt to the “prettier” person. It is what it is. As far as I’m concerned, give me the ugly guy who can play. It ain’t a beauty contest. It’s clear to me it’s time for Frenchy to go. Send him to Boston. We should have sent him to Pittsburgh.

  4. You know, it bothers me less that Heyward is a Yankees fan. At least he’s not saying A-rod is the greatest player of all time; he actually picked someone who’s worthy of a little respect. Re: Frenchy, he’s not that cute, his stats and seeming disregard for his own career make him even less attractive, and McCann has ALWAYS been better, period. Plus, McCann has been looking adorable in his little glasses lately. I wouldn’t be sorry to see Frenchy go, but I’d blow a gasket over McCann.

  5. Well, we were smart to sign McCann to the big contract, so I don’t think we’ll have to worry about him going anywhere.

    Hopefully though, McClouth comes in, puts up some good numbers, and Frenchy realizes that he is expendable (this does require thought) and actually starts fulfilling his potential. Stretching it I know, but if trading him is what we really need to do, I’d rather get more for him than a bag of used sunflower seeds…

  6. The way things are going, I am sure next winter there will be a major story in the AJC involving the name Francouer and the phrase “non-tendered”. It will be followed by another story where John Smoltz has to give us his opinion on the transaction.

  7. Bradley nailed Smoltz pretty well, and I’ve heard the same stuff from others who’ve been in the Braves clubhouse.

  8. I’ll always be a huge fan of Smoltz the player. Smoltz the person, eh, not so much. I do think he needs to shut his yap and concentrate on his own clubhouse now.

  9. I think Mark Bradley hit the nail on the head w/ Glav today too.

  10. I just read both of Bradley’s colunns. Somewhere, Dick Young’s curdled ghost is smiling.

  11. There’s a special section in Hell for Dick Young….

    Even though I agreed with Bradley on Smoltz pretty much, I found the column to be somewhat in the “Nyah, nyah, I always thought you were a jerk” category. I find Bradley’s second column on Glavine much better than his first, which I thought read like a hastily written rip job.

    And what has gotten into Bradley? How many columns has he written this week? 20?

  12. Seriously, F#ck Jeff Francouer. I’ve had enough of his strike out ass. As for Bradley, CBF just doesn’t like him because he’s known to sport the Jerusalem Cruisers once in a while.

  13. Bradley’s a hack. CB should have that gig. Francouer does nothing but hack. Glavine was paid 8 mil last year to suck. I don’t recall him apologizing for cashing those checks. I’m sorry his feelings are hurt, but Hanson is the future, not him. I heard last night that we lead the National League in being shut out. It’s the offense, stupid. Francouer better start putting up McClouthian stats or he’ll be tending right field for the Royals next season, yo.

  14. Nothing more annoying than the number of times that Francoeur swinging at the first pitch with runners in scoring position.

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