Now what?

Easy. Garret Anderson is three years younger than Junior, and over the last three years has more RBI, more hits and a better cumulative batting average than the Mariners new DH.

Standing pat, as Mark Bradley suggests, should not be an option. Brandon Jones hit .260 with a middling .748 OPS at Richmond last year. Gregor Blanco is a poor man’s Dion James, and Jordan Schafer probably requires a bit more seasoning.



3 thoughts on “Now what?

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  1. M Bradley is a tool. I’ll take Anderson over standing pat any day of the week. I have no faith in B Jones or G Blanco.

  2. Schafer not only needs more seasoning, he’s not exactly a big power threat, either. We pretty much tried all the candidates within the organization last year, and they all pretty much sucked.

  3. Can’t sign off on Anderson. He’s been better than Francoeur’s 2007 season only once in the last five years. And Francoeur wasn’t all that great in ’07. Plus, Anderson can’t even field his position in LF anymore. I’d much rather have Edmonds, who you can still put in CF if you need to.

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