Share in the experience of typing a sentence

Apparently Frank Wren doesn’t read the Office, though I trust Bobby C. keeps him well-informed:

Said Wren, speaking of the reason he strategically avoids such sites: “It’s not unlike talk radio, and I’ve stopped listening to talk radio. I don’t think the average sports fan calls talk radio, nor do I think he goes on the blogs. That’s a special group of fans — someone who wants the experience of making a call or typing a sentence. I don’t think that represents the masses. If you go by those, you get a somewhat distorted view.”

Man, typing all those sentences sure was exhilirating!



3 thoughts on “Share in the experience of typing a sentence

  1. I think we all know that Frank Wren and Phil Schiller’s idea of a good fan is someone who is able to pull themselves out of a dippin’ dots induced stupor long enough to cheer wildly for the Home Depot Tool Race and do a few wacky dance moves to “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” before settling back into a nap once the baseball game resumes.

  2. Wow. Thanks for alienating us once again, Frankie. So the average fan is in his own little box, watching every game on TV and occasionally attending one (to spend money on hot dogs, t-shirts, and of course dippin’ dots), but never cares to communicate with any other sports fans via listening to the radio (perhaps occasionally calling in) or reading/commenting on a blog.

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