Frank Wren, arrogant prick

Makes John Mullen look like Branch Rickey

A revealing story about the man soon to become the most despised figure in Atlanta Braves history:

Sept. 17, 1999 — Cal Ripken Jr. is delayed in traffic and calls the team’s traveling secretary to assure him that he’d be arriving at the airport within the next 10 minutes. At Wren‘s order, however, the plane takes off without Cal, who arrives at the gate a few minutes later and has to make his own travel arrangements. When Wren is fired after the season, part of the announcement reads: “In the opinion of management, there was no need for such an arbitrary and inflexible decision. In the meeting, Wren defiantly dismissed our concerns, characterized them as ‘silly’ and insisted he would invoke the same takeoff order no matter what the extenuating circumstances. The Orioles management cannot and will not abide having a GM operate in such an unreasonable, authoritarian manner and treat anyone this way, especially someone such as Cal who has done so much for the Orioles and for baseball.”

Wren lowballed Smoltz, pure and simple:

According to the Major League source, the incentives offered by the Red Sox were “more attainable” than the ones provided by the Braves.

Multiple sources have said the Braves were offering slightly more than $2 million guaranteed and performance-based incentives that could have increased Smoltz’s earnings to approximately $7 million.

What’s next for FW (Fucking Wanker)? My guess is he’ll fire Bobby after an 0-7 start. Or maybe he’ll release Chipper for making comments “detrimental to the team.”



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  1. Couldn’t agree more… it’s time for Wren to be shown the door. I don’t even want to listen to the argument that he hasn’t been given ample time to turn the club around, yadda yadda.

    You do not – repeat, do not – let the face of your franchise for nearly the past two decades walk. Furthermore, you don’t hand him some chicken shit offer when you’ve got $40M laying on the table. This is so far worse than the Burnett deal and the Fukey deal combined.

    I asked myself the other day, “What’s going to make me want to go to the Ted this year to watch this team?” For part of last season, I could at least take some solice in the fact maybe Hudson was toeing the rubber. Or when Morton was first brought up. But every single time Smoltz was slated to start for the home team, I made it a point to be there. The 3000th strikeout game against the Nationals was probably easily the highlight for the team last year. And Wren is just going to let the face of the franchise – the one surviving member of the worst-to-first team – just turn and walk after he essentially low-balled him.

    You’re right, fuck Wren.

    It would be one thing had he gone out and moved some money around and the team was actually strapped and had difficulties offering Smoltz a competitive offer. But what have we done all offseason? Signed Greg Norton? Traded for Javier Vazquez? There’s millions sitting there. We can offer A.J. Burnett $80M, but we can’t pony up more than $3M for the horse who has pitched through pain and carried the franchise on his back without so much as a complaint?

    Fire Wren. Fire him now. I sincerely hope Chipper gets in that mood and completely rips the organization and Wren for being the pompous, egotistical ass that he is.

    Sure, signing Smoltz wouldn’t have necessarily cemented a championship this season. And maybe he would have gotten hurt and had to hang ’em up for good. But at least he would have never left. He would have been an Atlanta Braves his whole career. Aaron can’t say that. Neither can Murph. Or Maddux. Or Glavine. But Smoltzie could have. And Wren let it happen.

    Somehow I doubt the alternative won’t put quite as many asses in the seats. One thing guaranteed is the fact one of them won’t be mine.

  2. Wren’s just demonstrating to all concerned, that no one player, not even Smoltz, is bigger than the organization, which is, to Wren’s thinking, Wren himself. He’s like a dog marking his territory, but I guess that Wren’s exactly the sort of flea-bitten son of a bitch that Liberty Media wants running the team (into the ground). I suppose I’m less upset over this than most folks in the Office, but that’s only because this is the direction I’ve expected the team to head ever since that sorry cocksucker Selig, the George W. Bush of major league commissioners, engineered the Braves’ sale to a souless, out-of-town corporate entity rather than somebody who gave a shit.

  3. So am I the only one here that’s not ready to burn Wren at the stake?
    We don’t know the full story. And I get the sense from previous articles that maybe Smoltz was ready to try a new club.
    I have yet to disagree with a move that Wren has made. The only one I would have even considered was the Peavey deal, but yet again, we don’t know the full story there either. Just today I read that Kevin Towers wasn’t even sure if Peavey would have accepted the trade.
    What else has Wren done to piss you guys off so much?

  4. “Bobby”, I’m not blaming Wren for the Peavey deal; Towers has pissed off several GMs (and also Peavey’s agent) with his amateurish shenanigans. And I’m not blaming him for Furcal either; Furcal’s agent pulled a fast one which went away from standard procedure. But his pursuit of the oft-injured Burnett? Feh. His very public pursuit of the previous three? His public indifference towards Lowe turning 180 degrees? Makes me long for suspenders man and his secrecy. Wwe’ve seemingly gotten more leaks from the Braves camp in one half off season than in Schuerholz’ last ten years. And I’m not happy with Smoltzie being, effectively, lowballed to another team (ESPECIALLY the Bosox). With all of that being said, I’m not ready to run Wren out of time on a rail. Not yet. If he can land Lowe, a Garland, an Abreu, I’d feel a bit better.There’s still a little more than two and 1/2 months until opening day so there’s still room for some positive movement.

  5. You don’t lowball a legend. I’ve slept on it, and I’m madder than ever. Fucking Wanker, indeed! If he tries to spin this in any way …

    Anyone plopping down $20 to see Frank Wren (not) make a deal? WIll be interesting when I bring my very large FIRE FRANK WREN! banner to the Ted Opening Day.

  6. It’s looking like we’re headed back to the John Mullen days. Glad I’m not trying to market this team.

  7. But how do you know he was lowballed? Do we know for sure this was the case? And why was Smoltz’s agent passing out medical info at the winter meetings? Methinks Smoltz was ready to play for a contender. I can’t blame him for that, but I’m surely not gonna rip Wren a new one for it either.
    I can agree on the secrecy thing. I kinda enjoyed waking up finding out we signed a Maddux without even thinking he was on the radar.

  8. Also, can we have a poll as to whether Lowe signs with the Braves or not? Put my vote down as a solid NO.

  9. Unbelievable. Wren has flubbed every single thing he’s tried to do this year other than sign Vasquez, who had nobody else willing to escalate a bidding war. That’s a good thing, because if there was, we’d have lost him too. You don’t lose Smoltz over a couple million dollars. You either offer him what he wants, or you offer him nothing. Cox should resign now and let Wren quickly destroy all that’s left of the franchise.

  10. To be fair to Wren, Ripkin was chronically showing up late for flights and making the team wait. Ripkin was the icon of the team and it was getting to his head. He also was calling all the pitches from SS, unbeknownst to Davey Johnson. What an ass. Wren finally had enough.

    This Smoltz business was a real mistake, but Wren has been pretty good up to now.

  11. According to who? Smoltz is also a bit arrogant, but he and Ripken earned the right. Wren has earned nothing. I’m glad he got Jair, nice move, but he means nothing to the Braves. Smoltz means more than he ever will, but Wren doesn’t like people who speak their mind. He was automatons.

    Fire Frank Wren!

  12. Calm down. And please don’t do Smoltz the disservice of comparing him to Ripkin. Wren likes (sic) automatrons? Come on. Give me examples of how he distinguishes himself among GM’s in handling “people who speak their mind”.

    Losing Smoltz is a bad move. The handling of Francouer last summer was dumb. But he’s also made some terrific trades: Vasquez, Renteria, Ohman.

    A number of teams are going to be struggling in a deteriorating economy and it will be a buyer’s market for teams with cash on hand to take on contracts. The Braves will benefit. And Wren is a good judge of talent.

    Smoltz gets to go to a contender. Good for him. He left on terms of his liking, unlike Spahn, Matthews, and Niekro. It’s sad to see him go, but let’s root for him and deal with the fact that we have a rebuilding effort here.

  13. Vasquez, a terrific trade? Ohman was a serviceable reliever, but let’s not go overboard. How do you know Wren is a good judge of talent? He signed Albert Belle.
    You might want to tell Wren he’s part of a rebuilding effort. That’s not how he’s billed this offseason. I agree, that’s long overdue. But JS didn’t do us any favors with the abominable Tex deal.
    Pride goeth before the fall. Too bad Braves fans are being taken along for the ride.

  14. This article, and the comments, are pretty hilarious to reread nowadays. Guess we don’t have to fire wren now, huh

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