What to do with Alex Wood

The sophomore lefty looked terrific the other day against the BoSux, bolstering his bid to win a spot in the rotation. It looks like the Braves may have something special on their hands — Chris Sale redux, perhaps.

But based on their needs, and an innings limit likely to be imposed on Wood — who’s already had Tommy John surgery — the bullpen might be his most logical landing spot. Adding Wood would give the bullpen a power arm capable of pitching 2 innings if needed.

That assumes Brandon Beachy regains his pre-surgery velocity and Freddy Garcia can hold down the fifth spot until Gavin Floyd returns. Along the way it’s probable one of those things doesn’t happen, or someone gets hurt. Wood could be what Kris Medlen was in 2012.

Better tp have him down the stretch then use him up in April and May.

My guess is once he enters the rotation, he’ll be there to stay. No need to rush it.

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3 Comments on What to do with Alex Wood

  1. I disagree. Beachy is throwing 87 mph. Wood should be in the rotation before him

  2. You must’ve missed the qualifier: “That assumes Brandon Beachy regains his pre-surgery velocity” I agree, Wood is certainly among the 5 best starters on the Braves, but he’s going to be on an innings limit this year, which is prudent. So it comes down to this: Would you rather have him in the rotation in September or April?

  3. charlesad // March 9, 2014 at 7:21 pm //

    If Medlen and Minor start the season on the DL, there’s probably little choice but to have Wood in the rotation. You don’t want to lose the division in April and May, which is possible with a really bad start. The Nats might not cooperate early, as they did last year.

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