Braves seem determined to alienate their stars

I’ve been on record that Braves fans should prepare to bid adieu to Jay Hey and Freddie, and Friday’s news that the team is headed to arbitration hearings with their offensive core (along with Craig Kimbrel) doesn’t bode well for contract extensions.

FW told DOB Friday night, “We’re done” with negotiations. standing behind the team’s newly adopted “file and trial” philosophy. To what end? Forget this year — the team should be doing all they can to sign them long-term, but that doesn’t appear to be a priority. DOB says there have yet to be any discussions with Heyward or Freeman about long-term contracts.

I’ll be shocked if either is still a Brave come 2017, when Pascual Perez Memorial Stadium opens. Especially Heyward, who asked for only $300,000 more than management offered.

As Jeff Schultz writes, “Teams do not like going to arbitration. They’re forced to accentuate negatives to win their case.” The Braves haven’t had a hearing since 2001, and that was with John Rocker. We wanted him to feel unwanted.

If the Braves underachieve this year, they should explore trading Jay Hey, a free agent after 2015. That, or risk getting nothing but a draft pick in return for their homegrown star.

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9 Comments on Braves seem determined to alienate their stars

  1. So, what’s news? Liberty Media has already demonstrated that it doesn’t care about its Atlanta-proper fans. See also

  2. I for one am welcoming a generation of mediocre OTP baseball

  3. I’m afraid you [Salazr2] are right; with Liberty Media committing $100’s of millions to Cobb Cty real-estate misadventures (vs product on the field) we’re probably bound to see another couple of decades like the `70’s and `80s (minus Teds) See also

  4. I can see that many on this site seem to dislike the new stadium. I for one am excited for it. Obviously I would prefer them to stay in Atlanta, but I would also prefer for Atlanta to improve the surrounding area and create better ways to get to the stadium (Marta). But that is not happening apparently. And on top of that from what I hear the city makes all of the money off parking revenue. So the Braves, due to their craptastic TV contract, are seeking more revenue in order to compete with the revenue of other teams. So they have chosen to seek other avenues to making more money such as parking they own, shops, bars, restaurants, activities, and year round revenue.

    Now that being said, I am concerned with how FW is handling our young core. He has a reputation of mishandling players, and I am beginning to see signs of that. I dont see how we are going to remain competitive if we can’t extend our young stars. It pisses me off the short sightedness of our front office that they go out and extend Dan Uggla and then a couple years later throw big bucks at BJ while we then are basically saying we can’t afford to extend our young talents. The new stadium income may come too late. The asshole that approved that TV contract should be imprisoned.

  5. rankin' rob // January 21, 2014 at 9:22 am //

    The anger towards the club against the stadium move is emotional and misplaced. The city and county were not willing to work with the Braves to make the ballpark and environs more profitable. Whether the move to Cobb will change that dynamic won’t be known for several years.

    Anger towards Fredi and FW and the smartest guys in the room they work for seems valid. We are lucky we’re in a crappy division, we’re lucky we’ve had some great young players produce at the big league level. It seems very possible this regime will squander this good fortune, it already has if you look at the last couple of years.

    I’m not going to freak out over Heyward one way or the other. Perhaps an arbitration hearing will add some urgency to his game. Maybe playing for a big contract will keep him in the lineup every day for a change. By and large he has been a slightly above average player when he’s in the lineup, but the grade is incomplete.

    Freddie is another thing entirely. If they let him slip away it will be a sad day for the franchise.

  6. Jack Straw // January 21, 2014 at 10:42 am //

    Heyward has been hurt, but he is a good teammate, and that cannot be quantified. These three (3) guys are fan favorites, too. “Tragic” may not be too strong a word.

  7. If this is what it’s come to, being just another small market team that develops players and places no priority on keeping them, then I don’t know how much longer I can stick around, either. At least in the ’80s they were trying to build a winning team.

  8. I heard a radio promo on 680 the other day touting the start of spring straining and the Braves campaign “for another division title.”

    At least the organization is now admitting that they’re not really trying to win a WS championship.

  9. That’s funny in a sad way atlpaddy. Perfectly sums up management’s/ownership’s attitude about their goals for the Braves…

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