A question for PED apologists

Would A-Rod get your vote for the Hall of Fame?

If the answer is no, you’re being inconsistent. After all, he’s got the numbers.


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20 thoughts on “A question for PED apologists

  1. Hey Jon3068, take note of this. This is available on baseballhall.org ’5. Voting: Voting shall be based upon the player’s record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played.’

    A-Roid wouldn’t have the first two if he wasn’t on HGH and test for almost all of his career, and you can draw your own conclusions on the last four.

  2. As I have said, the best thing would be to create an alternative museum. I think some crowdfunding could raise enough coin to make it a reality. How many baseball fans would contribute $5 each to see the Bud Selig Hall of Fame of Cheaters?

  3. I’m all for listing every drug-related suspension of a HoFer’s plaque. Did steroids? On the plaque. Did amphetamines? On the plaque. Coke-head? Plaque.

  4. This whole issue as to whether these guys get admitted is moot. From what I’ve read, the living HOFers are unified in not wanting them in their ranks. The writers aren’t going to vote them in. So without the Veterans Committee, they have no chance.

  5. Having made $$millions, and disrupted the equilibrium of fairness to an incalculable degree, denial of HOF entry is a very small price for these assholes to pay.

  6. Not to mention throwing off the factual basis of the record book, especially the career homer list.

  7. Pepe,

    It’s a record book. Those hits, walks, homers, etc. actually happened. Should every pitcher who gave up a run to a PED user get their ERA knocked down? How about a hitter who strikes out against a PED pitcher?

    If a PED pitcher faces a PED hitter, do we pretend it never happened?

  8. “equilibrium of fairness”. It’s okay to take certain hormones as long as they haven’t been banned yet. But if you take ADD medicine without a prescription you’re suspended 50 games without pay.

  9. Accepting that something happened and honoring it are two vastly different things.

    The idea that you’re going to have Bonds, Clemens or ARod standing up there holding a plaque that spells out what they did right on it is utterly absurd.

  10. Joe Jackson and Pete Rose are not there, so the precedent is more than adequate. It’s a fricking museum, for crying out loud, not Valhalla. I guess soon Clemens will file a suit challenging his exclusion as a Civil Rights violation.

  11. You should hang out at Posnanski’s blog. He’s currently curled up into a fetal position as a protest against the injustice of it all.

  12. He’s a really good writer but he has an unfortunate blind spot when it comes to PEDs. It really brings out all of his mawkishness and his maudlin streak.

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