Pete screwed again

Texas Rangers broadcaster Eric Nadel wins the Ford C. Frick Award, besting Pete Van Wieren, one of 10 finalists. Nadel may be worthy, I don’t know, but any club that has Milo Hamilton as a member doesn’t deserve the likes of Pete, Skip and Ernie.

Sure would’ve been nice seeing Pete inducted into the HOF along with Bobby, Mad Dog and, presumably, Glavine.

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9 thoughts on “Pete screwed again

  1. Don’t be so sure on Mad Dog and Glavine. They pitched during the steroid era. Could’ve been users. Especially Maddux (ever look close at his biceps?)

    Not saying anything. Just asking the question.

  2. I was afraid they would give it to that imbecile Shannon but I’m still disappointed. If Pete wasn’t going to win it, Bill King should have.

  3. I’ve listened to Eric Nadel a lot and enjoy his work. But he’s not as worthy as Skip, who wasn’t even one of the choices this time around.

  4. This should have gone to Pete – no if’s, and’s or but’s…Mad Dog and Glavine will both be in the Hall of Fame.

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