Bobby in the HOF

We assume Mad Dog and Glavine will join him. And, perhaps, Pete Van Wieren in the broadcaster’s wing.

Another former Brave player and manager, Joe Torre, was unanimously voted in by the Veteran’s Committee, as was Tony LaRussa, who played nine games at second base for the ’71 Bravos.

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4 Comments on Bobby in the HOF

  1. good…I hope Beau Bock’s choking on this.

  2. How could Bobby be in the Hall and Jerry Glanville not in the NFL Hall of Fame…he was an innovator baby!

  3. On a serious note, this year’s managerial class is about as good as you can get – what is it, 8 World Series won between the three of them? About 7,000 wins or so?

    I wonder if we’ll see a trio of any of today’s top managers match their achievements any time soon…

  4. Doubt it. I’m guessing Leyland will get in. When he retires Tito Francona is a good bet for induction. Davey Johnson? Maybe.

    And don’t forget Fredi.

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