The all-obscure Bravos

Longtime Braves fans recall the ’82 team fondly, but do you remember Bob Porter, a utility OF who, in 41 games over two seasons, hit a punchless .171? How ’bout Tom Hausman, the journeyman right-hander acquired from the Mets to add depth to the bullpen? He was released the following January.

So that got me thinking about some of the home team’s more nameless charges over the years. I went back to 1977, when I first started following the Braves, to compile this list.


Pitchers: Duane Theiss, Steve Hargan, Don Collins, Bob Johnson, Mike Davey, Steve Kline, Mike Beard, Pablo Torrealba

Position players: Atlanta native Hank Small, Jerry Maddox, Chico Ruiz (not the Chico Ruiz who starred for the Reds in the 1960s), Mike Macha, Jim Wessinger


Pitchers: Mike Payne, Dave Schuler, Hausman, Joe Johnson, Steve Ziem, Kevin Blankenship, Rusty Richards, Gary Eave, Jay Aldrich, Sergio Valdez

Position players: Gary Cooper, Porter, Trench Davis, Terry Bell, Ken Smith, John Rabb, Ed Whited, Jeff Wetherby, John Russell, Mike Jorgensen, Mike Fischlin, John Mizerock, Ed Romero


Pitchers: Paul Marak, Terry Clark, Tom Thobe, Ray Holbert, Dean Hartgraves, Carl Schutz, Kevin Lomon, John Leroy, Adam Butler, Brian Edmondson, Everett Stull, Joe Winkelsas, Rod Nichols56_1

Position players: Alexis Infante, Kelly Mann, Brian Kowitz, Ramon Caraballo, Jarvis Brown


Pitchers: Sam McConnell, Dave Stevens, Ismael Villegas, Gabe Molina, Chris Seelbach, Trey Moore, Joe Nelson, Scott Sobkowiak, Andy Pratt, John Ennis, Jorge Vasquez, Seth Greisinger, Frank Brooks, Matt Childers, Travis Smith, Kevin Barry, Jason Shiell, Steve Colyer, James Parr, Jeff Ridgway, Matt DeSalvo

Position players: Tim Unroe, Pedro Swann, Mike Hubbard, Steve Torrealba, Jason Perry, Reid Gorecki, Barbaro Canizares, Brian Barton

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7 Comments on The all-obscure Bravos

  1. I went to braves spring training in 2000 and saw two games. Some guy named steve sisco hit a couple of home runs. Later that season he appeared in 25 games and hit an Uggla like .185. ….then disappeared

  2. pepefreeus // December 8, 2013 at 1:54 am //

    I know some of those ’70’s guys (like Mike Beard and Pablo Torrealba) from collecting Topps team sets of the era. I can remember Macha and Chico Ruiz from actually seeing them play.

    As for the ’80’s list…I can remember seeing Hausman, Ziem, Whited, Wetherby, Russell, Mizerock and Romero (who was part of our ’80’s collection of former Brewers.)

    I remember Rusty Richards getting a start against the Astros in the stretch in ’89 which caused Roger Craig to complain about us waving a white flag. As I recall it, Russ Nixon basically told him to STFU and manage his own team, which I found quite amusing.

    Gary Eave looked great in that same September. I thought he would have a shot at a rotation spot going forward to ’90 but he got traded for CB’s pal Jim Presley. I actually went looking for info on Gary a couple of months ago and ran across his Facebook page. Seems like he’s happy and healthy, in spite of his MLB career being so relatively short.

    The guy I remember best from the ’90’s list was Marak, who I also thought had a great shot at a rotation spot in ’91 after looking quite solid in late 1990.

  3. NahaGomez // December 8, 2013 at 2:05 pm //

    I saw Bob Porter play in a game. I also remember Gary Cooper. He was used primarily as a pinch funner in 1980.

  4. pascualperezfan // December 9, 2013 at 12:51 am //

    love this stuff,,keep it up..i was a huge backer of trench davis in 87 to make the club in ST ( as CF to beat out prime time neon dion james),,thought whited was going to be the 3B for years (blocked by the loser obie),,kelly mann was supposed to be a great glove no hit catcher ,,but was a bad glove and even worse hit catcher and was gonzo as a pro before mid 20’s i think. a couple guys here died pretty young (leroy/small/payne) jason perry claim to fame called up when frenchy was dumped to AA to clear his head,,days later frenchy back and perry never heard from again,,,,,would be nice to see unique article re Phil Lombardi who was acquired in ST 89 or 90 and made the team as catcher ,,then quits pretty much a day before the season , saying he did not like ball anymore,,,meanwhile phil had been a pretty big prospect for the yanks and mets and then braves got him and finally got a job,,,,never did figure that out . BUT the good thing greg olson was discovered and the rest is history

  5. I’d add RHP Cliff Speck to the list. I got his autograph during his one and only season in the bigs in ’86. I don’t remember him pitching that day, but I think he made a spot start at some point that season.

  6. Good call on Speck. Perhaps we could use him on the All-Serial Killer Braves.

  7. I thought Deion Sanders was “primetime” – wasn’t Dion James known as “birdman”?

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