Offseason off to uninspiring start, but it could be worse

We’re not expecting any big moves, but if FW doesn’t lock up any of the young core and ship Dan Uggla elsewhere, this offseason will be an abject failure. As bad as the offseason following the ’96 season — unlikely. 

That winter started off pretty uneventful: Greg McMichael was traded for Paul Byrd, Smoltzie was re-signed and Steve Avery was let go. Then, one week before Opening Day, JS dealt Marquis Grissom, David Justice for Kenny Lofton and Alan Embree. The trade was made in part to free up salary to keep Maddux and Glavine, free agents the following year. So that part of the transaction was a success, but Lofton flopped in Atlanta and there was no attempt to re-sign him. JS would’ve been better off trading Justice and Grissom for prospects or more affordable pieces.

There’s no excusing the trade made two days later: Jermaine Dye and Jamie Walker to Kansas City for Michael Tucker and Keith Lockhart. Dye went on to his 313 homers with a .829 OPS. Tucker and Lofton were platoon players at best.

Sometimes, doing nothing ain’t so bad.

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1 Comment on Offseason off to uninspiring start, but it could be worse

  1. pepefreeus // December 2, 2013 at 5:31 pm //

    I have my doubts about the veracity of that salary room argument JS put out then. I think he always considered David a pain and took the opportunity to get rid of him.

    Regardless, the stated reason, aside from that, was to clear room for AJ and Dye to be the outfield of the future. That’s what’s always made that subsequent trade such a puzzler. An inexcusable puzzler.

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