Fox tone deaf in selecting McCarver’s replacement

I like Harold Reynolds. He’s affable — a little too affable, according to some female ESPN employees — and obviously loves the game.

But insightful he’s not, and if you’ve ever watched his MLB Network show with Brian Kenny you know he makes an awful case for “old school” baseball thought (though mostly he seems annoyed by his co-host, which is perfectly understandable).

Despite all that, HR has reportedly emerged as the front-runner to replace Tim McCarver and may already have the job. We’ve come to expect little from Fox’s baseball broadcasts, so it’s no surprise they went the predictable route. Still, I sort of expected Smoltzie would get the nod. He’s a significantly better analyst and, probably because he was a star, lacks the starfucking instinct that often clouds HR’s judgment. Curt Schilling would’ve also been a smart choice.

I would select a different ex-Brave and another former Red Sox hurler: Chipper and Pedro. The latter acquitted himself nicely on TBS’ studio show this postseason and, paired with Chipper, would provide the “Odd Couple” component necessary to make a three-man booth work.

(We’re stuck with Joe Buck, though I don’t think he’s that bad and, of the baseball legacies, is far more accomplished than Chip or Thom.)

Chipper would bring the candor, as we all know. If he’s not afraid to go on a local radio station and pick the home team to lose, he’s unlikely to hold back on a national telecast.

Like Pedro, Chipper is a student of the game. The two of them would teach viewers a thing or two about pitching and hitting; HR, meanwhile, will be just another receptacle of baseball cliches.

I guess we should be thankful Fox didn’t promote Erin Andrews to the booth.

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5 Comments on Fox tone deaf in selecting McCarver’s replacement

  1. I’ve really grown to love Mitch Williams’ work on MLB Network. (Actually, I pretty much love MLB Network, at least during the season.) But I doubt Fox knew how to fit an insightful goofball into their PxP crew, so it’s going with the boring choice, which seems to be its MO with baseball.

  2. I watch MLB Network every late night from April to October. Their show is infinitely better than ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. I haven’t watched an entire episode of Baseball Tonight in a couple of years. I wish MLB Network could steal a couple of ESPN’s better non-player talent though – Buster Olney, Tim Kurkjian, and Jayson Stark all do a good job.

  3. It’s important to remember that Harold also sided with Holbrooke on the “inflield fly rule” call in the game against St. Louis in 2012. I thought he was okay up until that point, but he lost me with that.

  4. I don’t think Harold ever strays afar from what he perceives to be the company line. Which makes him a lot like McCarver.

  5. Yow! New look! I thought I’d loaded the wrong page.

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