The first of many Uggla trade proposals

To trade Dan Uggla, the Braves will either have to eat most of his remaining contract ($18 to $20 million of the $26 mil he’s still owed) or package him with affordable, attractive talent. Bad options, but retaining Uggla is a worse one.


Uggla, Kris Medlen and David Hale  to Toronto for R.A. Dickey, Brett Lawrie and Jeremy Jeffress

Medlen, an Office favorite, met expectations this year — realistic expectations, somewhere between his 2012 season and the ones that came before. I’d hate to see him go, but he’s a free agent in 2016, beating Minor by two years and Teheran by three. Do you really think he’ll be re-signed?

The Jays could use some pitchers under 35. Since their bid to return to relevancy went flat, it doesn’t make much sense to build around a 39-year-old due $24 million over the next two years. That’s $2 million less than Uggla — I’d be glad to start collection to make up the difference. Dickey was a disappointment in 2013, but he wasn’t  striking out 177 in 224.2 innings with a 4.21 ERA. He’d probably benefit from a return to the NL, and the Braves’ track record with aging knuckleballers is pretty good.

Lawrie’s BA, OBP and slugging percentage have decreased each year. But he’s still only 23 and was much better in the second half last year,  hitting .283 with a .764 OPS. There was talk last year of moving him to second and he’s got the athleticism to make the switch. He can’t be worse than Uggla,

Hale may be a sleeper, but it’s more likely that his value may never be higher. Jeffress has a great arm but nothing to show for it but a couple of drug suspensions.

This would leave the Braves with an estimated $15 to $20 million — enough to fortify the rotation and bench.


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17 Comments on The first of many Uggla trade proposals

  1. Horrible scenario! Uggla, $15M and Sean Gilmartin to LAA for Howie Kendrick

  2. Party line in Toronto is that the Jays are gonna try again in 2014 with mostly the same roster. Dunno if it’s true (Anthopolous deals out a lot of misinformation), but I don’t see them doing this trade.

  3. Why would the Angels do that, Joey? Sean Gilmartin excites no one.

  4. You’re right. Gilmartin brings back nothing. How about Hale, JR Graham or ????

  5. I like Medlen as well and it will be interesting to see what they do with him. I keep hearing we’re a mid-market team (the signings of B.J. Upton and Uggla–extension would be the operative word for Beer Can Dan) and that means at some point we’ll have to start acting like one or field a team with less than 25 players. I don’t know if there is “right” behavior in regard to Medlen, but if he’s not going to be signed past 2015, they should listen to offers. Don’t know if I want Dickey or not, but I do want to get rid of Uggla. The Braves made a big tactical error in extending Uggla when he was first acquired. The default response is usually, “Well, if it’s a good trade if you extend him.” With Uggla, it would have been a better trade if they hadn’t extended him. I’m not defending the A’s when they gave up too much for Matt Holliday and then traded him to St. Louis for less, but it was pretty clear from the get-go that when the A’s acquired Holliday, it was more likely than not he was going to be a “bridge” player who the A’s could afford for one year and then he’d be a free agent. A’s didn’t contend, so they moved him. Braves did contend with Uggla, so it was impossible to move him during the year, but he should have been a one-year guy. I may have some of the details wrong, but I think I have my basic points in order. At any rate, anything that gets Uggla out of Dodge will work for me.

  6. Jack Straw // October 13, 2013 at 3:23 pm //

    We are going to be really sorry if we trade Medlen. The worst part is, this proposal makes some sense.

  7. Joey, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree w/ the Angels. Doubt they’d want to add another bad contract (see Pujols, Hamilton).

  8. pepefreeus // October 13, 2013 at 5:18 pm //

    I want no part of Dickey and throwing Hale in would be a Tommy Greene move.

  9. I’d much rather see them offer something to Tampa to try and acquire David Price; there was an article in ESPN just the other day, with Price speculating that he’ll be traded – why not go after him? The Rays would be the type of team that we could trade with, as they would be more apt to want some of our farm talent, and maybe on top of that we send Uggla?

  10. Guarantee you Tampa wants no part of Ugga. He’d account for 1/5 of their payroll.

  11. pepefreeus // October 14, 2013 at 3:09 am //

    I’d strongly consider Meds and Hale for Price, especially if it looked like we could sign him.

  12. Rather give up Minor than Meds.
    Would the Royals take Uggla? They’ve been looking for a 2nd baseman and Dayton Moore loves ex Braves.

  13. Minor is under control for two more years, and I’m not sure the Rays would take Meds for Price since he is so close to free agency.

    The Royals may be a possibility for Ugga. So might the Rockies.

  14. pepefreeus // October 14, 2013 at 7:47 pm //

    Bet Dayton would give us Bruce Chen back for Uggla.

  15. Jack Straw // October 14, 2013 at 10:07 pm //

    What teams would consider Dan Uggla at 2b to be an upgrade?

  16. Gwinnett Braves might consider Uggla an upgrade.

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