Et tu, Chipper?

Prior to their NLDS Game 1 loss to the Dodgers, the Braves had franchise icon and future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Rather than throw the ball to long-time teammate Brian McCann or team MVP Freddie Freeman, Chipper had to make the toss to the team mascot. Why? Kevin Kernan of the New York Post explains:

Evidently, Braves players were not happy Jones had gone on the radio earlier in the day with the team’s flagship station, 680 The Fan, and predicted the Dodgers would win the NLDS in four games. So no player volunteered to catch the pitch.

Some are saying the Braves were being petty, that they should’ve proven him wrong instead of pouting. And one of the things we appreciate about Chipper is his candor, so it’s hard to criticize him for it when we don’t like what he says. And he was right.

But still …

I can’t bring myself to pick against the Braves. I think most of us felt deep down that they weren’t going to beat the Dodgers, but we kept it to ourselves. As, I imagine, Knucksie, Murph and Bobby would have if asked. I wish, in this case, Chipper had chosen diplomacy over candor.

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9 Comments on Et tu, Chipper?

  1. Aaron Gould Sheinin // October 8, 2013 at 2:01 pm //

    A friend heard the interview and called me. I couldn’t believe it. At the time I said I hoped he got booed when he went out for the first pitch. I absolutely applaud the players for sticking to him. Even if he couched his words … “I hate to say it, but if you want my honest opinion, I gotta pick the Dodgers” … it might have been OK. But apparently he didn’t.

  2. At least he didn’t fuck us over on the field in a playoff game for a change.

  3. Sharon Egan // October 8, 2013 at 2:26 pm //

    Got to hand it to Chipper, the man’s got prognostication skillz. And, he managed to throw a ball 60 feet, six inches without bouncing, which is better than 95% of the celebrity first pitch-tossers can muster.

  4. Braves players were being petty.

    He’s honest. So what. He is the great Atlanta Braves, ever. They’re dooshbags

  5. Chipper’s earned the right to speak his mind.

    Did he at least throw in a “but I hope my boys prove me wrong!!!” ?

  6. roadrunner48 // October 8, 2013 at 3:29 pm //

    Rob, that’s what I was thinking. This year, at least we didn’t have to worry about him throwing the ball away or booting it at a critical moment. He was always a disaster waiting to happen. If getting him off the field means suffering through his tactlessness, I’ll take it.

    I think it’s great that he had to throw to a mascot.

  7. Jack Straw // October 8, 2013 at 4:08 pm //

    I admire Chipper for not being a cardboard cutout, and he certainly has the “right” to speak his mind, but manners, good grace and common sense still count. He should have predicted a Braves win in five (5), even if he didn’t believe it. His former teammates deserved to hear it.

  8. For perhaps the first time, I agree completely with Jack.

  9. I don’t think Chipper has a future as a candidate for political office. This little blunder makes Michelle Bachman’s latest loony line appear diplomatic. Just say something like “Tough series. Dodgers have great pitching. Braves will have to be at their best to win.”

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