Who is Bud Selig’s biggest fluffer?

It seems most sportswriters have never heard of the McCourts, Jeffrey Loria, the Baseball Network, the ’94 strike, C.B. Bucknor, officially sanctioned 9/11 caps, Spiderman on the bases, contracting the Twins, PED’s …

Exhibit 1:  Richard Justice of MLB.com

Bud Selig’s legacy is about as uncomplicated as it gets. He’s the best Commissioner baseball has ever had. Is that uncomplicated enough?

All the good things that have happened to baseball the past 21 years have been a byproduct of Selig’s leadership, persistence and vision. To plenty of owners, players, etc., it’s difficult to comprehend the sport without him.

That’s what A’s owner Lew Wolff had in mind a couple of years ago when he sent Selig the following e-mail: “You will not retire until I expire.”

The overflowing sewage in Oakland’s stadium may make that a reality.

Submit your nominations in the comments section.

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5 Comments on Who is Bud Selig’s biggest fluffer?

  1. Justice took up for the Braves last week during the Brewers fight. Ugh, what to think?

  2. Richard is generally one of the best writers on the sport.

    Saying that someone is the best Commissioner that Baseball has ever had is still sort of like saying (to quote Charles Emerson Winchester) that someone is the finest Hockey player ever to come from Ecuador.

  3. Giamatti being a notable exception.

  4. Not for me.

  5. It looks like Justice loves the taste of p***s in the morning.

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