Open thread, 9/29, Braves vs. Jeff Parretts

All year we’ve been taking a look back at the silver anniversary of the worst team in Atlanta Braves history. The ’88 squad finished its season on the road vs. the Reds, three days after losing their home finale to the ‘Stros before 5,789 (which was more than the combined attendance of the first two games of the Houston series). They would lose Game 160 — two postponed games were not made up because, well, what was the point — to Cincy, 1-0. Keith Brown accounted for half his career victories in the season finale, combining with three relievers on a six-hit shutout.

As bad at that team was, no one in the Braves starting line-up that day had a BA as low as Dan Uggla’s .179 Uggla gets the start today with Chris Johnson out, a move that has nothing to do with last night’s dust-up with TP. It seems like TP may have over-reacted but the Office is always going to give the ’91 MVP the benefit of the doubt. TP has never gotten the proper recognition by Braves fans, many of whom were willing to throw him under the bus for Jeff Francoeur’s struggles.

Anyway, Johnson apologized and took the blame, so all is well. The Braves need some help from the Cubs to gain home field advantage throughout and, more importantly, avoid a first round match-up with the Dodgers. But L.A. is hurting, with Kemp and Ethier both questionable for the playoffs. Unfortunately for opposing hitters, Kershaw and Greinke are fine.

Here’s your starting 9:

Heyward 8, JUpton 9, Freeman 3, Gattis 7, Laird 2, Simmons 6, EJohnson 5, Uggla 4, Teheran 1

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5 Comments on Open thread, 9/29, Braves vs. Jeff Parretts

  1. roadrunner48 // September 29, 2013 at 4:21 pm //

    I don’t think Terry over-reacted. Johnson was slow out of the box (he probably would have been safe if he had been running hard from the beginning); to try to cover up for it with a fake show of hustle, he did a headfirst slide into first when he was already out (and jamming his shoulder); and then has one of his customary tantrums in the dugout which was probably for show as well. And we lose the game and probably go into the playoffs with the match up we don’t want. Good for TP. He should be the manager.

  2. I didn’t see the actual play — as you describe it, then I agree, TP didn’t overreact. And I wish he was the manager too. Still, can’t get down on CJ — he’s had a good year.

  3. Have the Braves ever gone into the playoffs with more questions still? Rotation, bullpen, starting lineup, bench & even roster?

  4. The Dodgers have been every bit as iffy this month as the Braves. You wouldn’t know that from the massive kiss to their ass that’s passing for media coverage of the matchup, but it’s true, nonetheless.

    All of the things being thrown around about us (no big star, no dominant starter) were the same bullshit tropes that were supposed to have gaping as the Nats left us in the dust from the season’s first week.

    This series figures to be one with a bunch of low scoring, pitching heavy matchups.

    Just like most of the games we’ve won lately.

  5. roadrunner48 // September 29, 2013 at 8:31 pm //

    CJ has been a pleasant surprise this year. Even his fielding has improved dramatically so that now he’s only below average. He’s actually been an upgrade over Chipper.

    He needed a big kick in the ass and I trust that this incident helped him. Remember when we lost the series to the Astros because LaRoche wasn’t hustling around the bases and got cut down at home? We don’t need to see that again.

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