Open thread, 9/27, Braves vs. Danny Ozarks

Interesting game tonight, as Medlen, the presumptive Game 1 starter, faces a pitcher as good as any the Braves will see in the playoffs (save for Clayton Kershaw). No need to rest anyone, as the Braves will have three days off before the playoffs and the key pitchers in the ‘pen haven’t seen much action this week. Still puzzled by the absence of Jordan Walden, however.

The Braves control their own destiny, as they hold the tiebreaker over the Cards. They’re guaranteed to open at home in the NLDS as either the first or second seed, but there’s a big difference between the two. First seed most likely means a match-up against the Pirates or Reds. The second seed is all but certain to face the Dodgers and Kershaw. Then again, the Dodgers haven’t been any better than the Braves in September.

On the injury front, Fredi tells DOB McCann is feeling better: “I think we dodged a bullet.”¬†About time.¬†

The line-up:

1. Heyward CF 2. R Johnson LF 3 J Upton RF 4. Freeman 1B 5 Gattis C 6. C Johnson 3B 7 Simmons SS 8 Uggla 2B 9 Medlen P

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4 Comments on Open thread, 9/27, Braves vs. Danny Ozarks

  1. How many games have we won with 5 hits or less?

  2. Jack, Hell, how many have we won with only 3 hits? And we’ll probably have to win the last two, because the Cardinals are playing the suckass Cubbies. Sure would have helped to have won either the Padres or Brewers series.

  3. Let us not overlook Medlen’s brilliance tonight. That’s what an ace looks like.

  4. Yup. Medlen looks old school out there.

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