Open thread, 9/24, Braves vs. Billy Jo Robidouxs

I’m not too concerned about the Braves getting home field advantage. It would be nice, but I’d rather play the Cards, whose closer, Edward Mujica, is struggling, than the Reds, who are playing as well as anyone AND have ace Jonny Cueto returning. Mike Leake, whose 3.21 ERA leads the Redlegs, may be the odd man out of their playoff rotation.

The Braves are still figuring out theirs. Medlen, Minor and Teheran are all but certain to be the top three, especially after the news that Fredi is moving Minor’s start to Saturday, with Teheran pitching the season’s last game.

We still don’t know who will be the fourth starter, or even if the Braves will use one in the first round. If they don’t, Medlen would have to pitch on three days rest. I think he could handle it, and that’s the way I’d go. But if the Braves do advance, a fourth starter would be necessary. A good start by Freddy Garcia could earn him the nod, though Maholm will have his chance tomorrow. Of bigger concern is the offense; the Braves are batting .204 and averaging only 3.16 runs over their last 18 games.

Tonight’s line-up:

1. Heyward CF 2. J Upton RF 3. Freeman 1B 4. Gattis LF 5. McCann C 6. Simmons SS 7. Uggla 2B 8. E Johnson 3B 9. Garcia P


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6 Comments on Open thread, 9/24, Braves vs. Billy Jo Robidouxs

  1. We handle big-name closers better than no-name starters. Home field advantage is going to matter to this club.
    I would rather see Garcia get the 4 slot than see Minor taken out of his routine. And how many good starts does Maholm have since the first week of May? 1 or 2?

  2. roadrunner48 // September 24, 2013 at 10:57 pm //

    Yes, we’re a much better home team so that’s a significant advantage.

    I’m liking Garcia. I think he’s going to get the 4 slot. That and putting Wood in the pen is the smart move.

  3. Definitely agree on Wood. And if they’re going to go with a fourth starter, it should be Garcia. Does Maholm even make the playoff roster?

  4. roadrunner48 // September 25, 2013 at 7:34 am //

    Maholm has even less of a case than Upton.

  5. Yeah I’m definitely on board with Garcia getting the #4 spot. Especially after watching Maholm get staked a 5 – 1 lead against the cubs last week only to let them right back into the game.

    The bigger issue though will be whether or not the offense shows up. The stat line from the comment in the previous post is not how a playoff team should look at the end of September…

  6. I think Wood in the pen is a good idea. Hard to watch Maholm these days. What the heck happened? He’s never been that good, but he’s been terrible lately. My guess is Fredi opts for Freddy (We’re “Doing the Freddie”–Bad 1960s cultural reference–check the link: My guess is Gonzalez tries to get six out of the starters and then use everybody in the pen. Having Wood out there is a plus.

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