The Mendoza Brothers

1/3 of the Braves’ payroll

Credit to Jayson Stark for the headline and this remarkable stat (via Baseball Reference):

In the history of baseball, only three other teams have had regulars (at least 400 plate appearances) finish with batting averages below .200.

  • 1917 Cleveland Indians: Steve O’Neill (.184) and Joe “Doc” Evans (.190)
  • 1901 Philadelphia Phillies: Bill Hallman (.184) and Monte Cross (.197)
  • 1886 Baltimore Orioles: Milt Scott (.190) and Mike Muldoon (.199)

The Bravos will be the first of those teams to finish in first place.

By the way, the Brothers U combined to go hitless in 6 AB’s Saturday, with four strikeouts.

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3 Comments on The Mendoza Brothers

  1. Sharon Egan // September 22, 2013 at 8:58 am //

    The Braves have worked around this black hole with mirrors, a surplus of good young pitchers in the organization and savvy pick-ups of relievers, but you can’t expect the club to do so forever.

    A club without deep pockets invested major bucks on this pair on the expectation of, and need for, their power numbers. That’s how you have to evaluate Uggla and BJ. When some sabermetric geek argues that coaxing a few walks actually makes Uggla’s OBP acceptable for a National League 2B, I alternately want to laugh and throw up.

    I’m a major proponent of planting these two on the bench for the remaining 2013 regular season and post-season, but it’s critical that the players and club try something different with their batting approaches over the winter. Note to Fredi: Running them out there and waiting for an epiphany ain’t gonna get it done. I shudder to think how handcuffed the Braves will be going forward if Uggla’s descent continues and BJ doesn’t awake from this walking coma.

  2. You can’t play them past September 30th. Both can hit homers from a pinch hitter role in the postseason. But Elliot Johnson is your postseason 2B, and Jordan Schafer and Evan Gattis are your left fielders in October. They have to be.

  3. roadrunner48 // September 22, 2013 at 8:39 pm //

    These two don’t deserve to carry the Mendoza moniker. Mendoza could at least bat .200. He could also field, unlike our two losers.

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