Open thread, 9/18, Braves vs. themselves

When the Braves suck, everything that bugs about the team is magnified. Like how bad Chip Caray is at calling a game.

In the first inning he stated how the season would’ve turned out differently for the Nats if only Bryce Harper hadn’t missed 40 games. He’s the only major injury they’ve sustained, as opposed to one-third of the Braves roster. Then he declared how 2013 has been a breakthrough year for Ian Desmond, whose OPS was better in 2012.

I’m sure he’s loved by the idiots at Fox, and I doubt he costs much considering how his TBS career ended.


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6 Comments on Open thread, 9/18, Braves vs. themselves

  1. At the top of the hour I had a choice between a Bashar Al-Assad interview and the Braves game. Deciding which train wreck to watch was actually a difficult choice.

  2. Motherf%&king CB Bucknor; that pitch to Jayson Werth was a strike. I’m glad the team seems to have rallied after Fredi’s ejection, this could be a spark that could set the team off for a good run…keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. RJR Squeeze // September 18, 2013 at 10:35 pm //

    Feeling soooo much better. Did not see the game. How bad was the ball 4 call?Did Alex deserve to be tossed? Details please.

  4. Much worse than that was the warning issued Luis Ayala after hitting a Nats batter in the thigh. The missed strike wasn’t Eric-Gregg bad.

  5. Alex probably overreacted but this IS CB Bucknor we’re talking about. His strike call wasn’t that bad THIS TIME. I loved Davey Johnson’s comment after the game:

    “That’s CB; he’s got a little different strike zone.”

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