Open Thread, 9/17, Braves vs. the Warren Cromarties

UPDATE: Game 2 lineup: Schafer CF, J. Upton RF, Freeman, Gattis LF, C. Johnson, Laird, Uggla, Simmons, Garcia. Heard Fredi on the radio say Avilan appears to be OK, but he’s unavailable tonight and they’ll examine him again. Fingers crossed.

Probably a good thing they get right back out there. Needless to say, a couple early runs would be a big lift.

I went to a Braves-Expos game when I was about 13. We sat in the left field seats, near a group of Tech students who heckled Cromartie by repeatedly calling him “Com-eratie.” The 13-year-old I thought it was about the most hilarious thing I’d ever heard. I was 13. They made a dope smoking reference that I sort of got, and again, I thought those guys were extremely cool. Sort of like Beavis and Butthead with Todd, although these guys apparently were Georgia Tech students and Todd is a dumb ass redneck, but there was a similar dynamic anyway.cromartie22KDH

OK. Back to baseball today. Minor vs. Haren in Game 1 of the day-night doubleheader. Does MLB ban traditional doubleheaders? Do they really think they’re going to make a lot of money off a 1 o’clock game on a Tuesday, with the home team having just a Hail Mary chance at the second wildcard spot, and a mass murder having happened down the street 24 hours earlier? Maybe that last item was in bad taste, but the point is, why can’t they let people see a couple games for the price of one once a year or so?

Re things it’d be nice to see, Minor returning to April-June form would count. It’s not like he’s been awful. But other than his outing two starts ago in Philly, he has not been nearly as sharp since the end of July. We need to see good Mike again. As for Haren, he was terrible in the first half, good for awhile, and then got curb stomped by the Mets and Marlins before pitching well last time out versus the Mets again. Time for another Haren ass whooping, Braves.

Tonight’s second game features Freddy Garcia vs. Tanner Roark. Indeed this series is short on marquee pitching matchups, as Wood faces Ohlendorf tomorrow night. So despite the Sadnats good recent play, this might be a nice chance for the forces of good — our team — to win a couple and thus clinch the NL East.

I have not seen lineups yet. It’s a safe bet we’ll see Laird in one of these games, as El Oso Blanco has cooled. McCann really needs to start hitting, as does J. Upton. No point wasting pixels on Uggla and BJ, though I guess I just did. Speaking of wasted pixels, apologies if I’ve shared the above anecdote in a previous open thread. I think I started to once but never did.

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22 Comments on Open Thread, 9/17, Braves vs. the Warren Cromarties

  1. If baseball owners had souls, then they’d open the park today for a traditional doubleheaders and give the profits, not the proceeds, but after breaking even for the day, the profits – to the victims’ families and the wounded medical bills.

    But baseball owners don’t have souls.

    I’m cheering for our Braves silently, but I don’t care about the outcome. I grieve with the DC people.

  2. I am a pro-management guy. The owners eliminated double-headers to squeeze out a few extra dollars, but as a bonus it eliminates days off. Good for the owners; a rare victory for them.

  3. O man. I want to see the Nationals lose twice today SO HARD. I hope Haren goes full-Ankiel and completely loses the strike zone. (then comes back in a couple years as a slick-fielding, power-hitting centerfielder)

    Then again… when Ankiel happened, the Braves lost anyway. So… nevermind.

  4. I hate to bitch about Gattis, but it sure didn’t take him long to kill that rally.

  5. And Minor is immediately threatening to allow a big inning. Game could be over in 5 minutes.

  6. I’m sure I’m overreacting, but does anyone really believe this team has a chance in hell to do anything in the postseason?

  7. Pfft. Everyone know that being a Braves fan means watching the team dominate during the season (still #1 in the NL!) then get bounced in the playoffs. When was the last time they won a postseason series? 2001?

  8. Sharon Egan // September 17, 2013 at 2:50 pm //

    In a feat worthy of worldwide gasps of awe, B.J. and Uggla have managed to make Jordan Schafer and Elliott Johnson appear utterly indispensible.

  9. I was about to write something nasty about Uggla, but he got a hit so he’s okay by me. (for now)

  10. … I didn’t see *that* coming

  11. Yikes. Truth is, I was kinda hoping Kimbrel would blow one before the playoffs just so that long streak of his would be over. But not this one. I’d still rather it happen now than in 3 weeks. This sucks hard, though. Would have been a really nice win, and I would have been ecstatic to be proven wrong with my absurd declaration that the game was over in the first inning. Andrelton? How’d that happen? And it looked on the replay on the website that the infield was back on that play. Do you play the IF back with the tying run on third? I guess you do with the go-ahead run on second. If they’d been in, that ball looked like it might have trickled through.

  12. Ugh. That one hurt.

  13. Elliot’s attempt to get on Sportscenter was the key to that inning. Kimbrel was way off his game (and I had the same thought about him getting it out of his system) but that play was just really fucking stupid, from a guy I usually think of as heady.

  14. I have not seen Elliot’s play. CB told me a little about it from what he heard on the radio. So did he try the glove-flip and, presumably, the double play versus getting the sure out at second? Yeah. An out there and it’s probably an entirely different inning.

  15. So, really, Kimbrel allowed three runs without giving up a legit hit.

  16. I was watching the game ( None of ‘em were hit hard. But he was very wild around the plate. The two walks put pressure on the defense and made them get all weird.

  17. He had an out at second for sure and possibly one at first (with Ramos running.) CK was all over the place and it was just a fucking nightmare, made all the worse by me being forced to listen to the moron twins.

    Of all the things Bud Selig has inflicted on me, the blackout rule forcing me to watch the worst announcers alive to see the Braves 18 fucking times a year is about the worst. I don’t know how much of it I can stand tonight.

  18. Uggla had a hit and an RBI in the first game, and for an instant I thought I saw him asking for the ball.

  19. Well that was no fun. So much for clinching the Division in DC. And our record so far this September is 6 wins and 10 losses.

    No way they’ll not win the Division, but I would not favor them in any playoff series at this point.

  20. Ahh, nothing like watching your team suck in HD.

  21. Going to be really funny when Davey leads his team’s bus to whatever site the WC game is being played and has to be told they can’t play.

  22. RJR Squeeze // September 18, 2013 at 1:30 am //

    Not to be a douche, but can we please stop pissing off the gods with these statements that the gnats are out of contention? Same was said about the fucking Cardinals 2 years ago.

    Everyone shut the fuck up until this thing is clinched mathematically and no one gets hurt.


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