Open thread, 9/15, Braves vs. Ed Whitsons

Amid all the injuries and slumps, Kris Medlen’s resurgence has been a bright spot. Medlen is pitching like Med Dog again, winning his last four starts with a 0.98 ERA, 26 K’s and 4 BB in 27-2/3 IP.

It’ll be interesting to see how Fredi aligns the rotation come October. Match-ups will certainly play a role — if the Braves draw the Reds, whose three best hitters (Votto, Choo and Bruce) are left-handed, you can bet Minor gets the Game 1 nod. I’d go with Minor regardless, though it’s worth noting that, since the first of August, he’s allowed more than a hit per inning with an ERA well above 4.

I doubt Julio T., who starts today, gets the nod, but he’s been the team’s most consistent starter since April, the only month he posted an ERA above 3.

The line-up:

I1. Schafer RF 2. J Upton LF 3 Freeman 1B 4. Gattis C’5. C.Johnson 3B 6. Simmons SS 7. EJohnson 2B 8. B Upton CF 9. Teheran p

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4 Comments on Open thread, 9/15, Braves vs. Ed Whitsons

  1. Sharon Egan // September 15, 2013 at 12:42 pm //

    When is Reed Johnson going to at least get a pinch-hit appearance? Was he really ready to come off the DL? As a fan, I’m more concerned about getting him positioned to contribute in October than I am with giving a BJ a second consecutive start he hasn’t earned.

  2. Would’ve been cool to see Betancourt get the start at catcher today w/ Julio T. on the mound. Not sure what’s up w/ Reed.

  3. Uggg. That one was painful to watch. The guy had an ERA of 9+ coming into the game and the home team still couldn’t get a run off him.

  4. This Padres team has our number. They have for a while. No big deal.

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