Open Thread, 9/13, Braves vs. the Gene Richardses

I’m heading to the yard tonight with the three-and-a-half-year-old. This’ll be his second game. In his first one, BJ got a walk-off single against the Sadnats. Maybe tonight David Hale will throw a no-hitter. That seems about as likely as BJ winning a game with his bat.

Heard radio chatter today about Fredi as an NL Manager of the Year candidate.

Some of the best sideburns since Martin van Buren

Some of the best sideburns since Martin van Buren

Notwithstanding his shortcomings as an in-game tactician, he certainly deserves consideration. If success as a manager is measured by getting the most out of your team, who’s done a better job this season? Clint Hurdle? Maybe. I don’t think anyone else in the NL has a case that’s clearly stronger than Fredi’s.

We know the litany by now, but it bears repeating that the Braves have the best record in baseball (tied with Boston at 30 games over .500) despite: your two highest-paid players hitting in the .180s all season; your best starting pitcher missing nearly half the season; your co-No. 1 starter (Beachy) missing practically the entire season; your two best setup men missing virtually the entire season; your dynamic leadoff man taking a fastball in the face and missing several weeks; your starting catcher missing the first month; your rotation being anchored much of the season by three guys — Minor, Teheran and Medlen — who came into the season with a combined 87 big league starts, 53 of those by Minor. And it’s also notable that the team you’ve smoked this season, Washington, entered the season as a heavy favorite to win the league

So, yeah, Fredi bunts too much. Bitch all you want, but the guy’s kept this team churning out wins no matter what. Looking to churn out the 89th triumph in about three hours will be: Schafer, J. Upton, Freeman, Gattis LF, McCann, C. Johnson, Simmons, E. Johnson 2B, David Hale. Hale is a Marietta native, Princeton alum, and will be making his big league debut this evening. Good luck, young Princetonian! Let’s hope Hale is not distracted thinking about Princeton’s Sept. 21 football opener against Lehigh.

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10 Comments on Open Thread, 9/13, Braves vs. the Gene Richardses

  1. Needless to say there’s a difference of opinion about Fredi among your Office landlords, though I will admit to sometimes being a little too hard on him. I still can’t help but fear he’ll do something stupid in the postseason that will cost the Braves big time. Remember when he had Andrelton bunt in the 4th of last year’s WC game w/ runners on the corners, slow-footed Freddie at third, THE PITCHER DUE UP NEXT and 1 out? Or how ’bout choosing to pitch to Hunter Pence in Game 162 of the 2011 season w/ Michael Martinez, a 28-year-old rookie with a .196 BA, on deck? To paraphrase Montgomery Burns, this is not what smart managers do.

  2. Keeping things steady while being a questionable tactical manager is what Cox did for his whole career, so…yeah, you’re right.

    Hurdle has had a team for the last three years that should have been a solid contender but in ’11 and ’12 managed to grab a rock and falter late. His avoiding that this season is nice for the Pirates and their fans but I don’t know if it’s MOY material. Stopping your bad habits shouldn’t necessarily get you that much applause.

  3. Bobby never did anything as dumb as the two moves I mentioned in my comment.

    I bet Mattingly wins MOY.

  4. Mattingly has a $200 million payroll. He doesn’t deserve to be MOY. I’m not saying Fredi’s the greatest manager ever. I’m just saying he deserves votes for MOY. How can anyone argue he doesn’t deserve consideration?

  5. MOY is irrelevant — I’m not saying Mattingly deserves it, just bet that he gets it. Fredi will prob. finish 3rd behind him and Hurdle. My point is that I don’t trust Fredi in a big game.

  6. So the Dodgers get to buy MOY as well as anything else that’s not nailed down? I really hate the Dodgers and have ever since that corksoaker LaSorda back-stabbed Walt Alston (but before he back-stabbed Bill Russell).

  7. Bobby once pinch hit Todd Pratt for McCann because the reliever was a lefty.

    As for tonight…that was embarrassing. They pulled the kid one inning too early and left Ayala in one too long. I fear that’s a preview of a fatal October move.

  8. We just blew a home game to a crap team.

  9. Pepe, Was it in a playoff game? Fredi saves his worst for the games that matter most.

  10. Nah, it was an April game in ’06. It was just so mind boggling it’s seared in my mind.

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