Open thread, 9/11, Braves vs. Marty Malloys

The good news: Justin is back in the line-up; his brother and Uggla are not.

The bad news: Paul Maholm is set to undergo an MRI on his sore elbow. So we can expect Alex Wood to start a postseason game. The Braves are giving him a breather tomorrow, with Freddy Garcia getting the nod. On Friday, David Hale will pitch for Maholm.

1. Schafer CF 2. J Upton RF 3. Freeman 1B 4. Gattis LF 5. McCann C 6. C. Johnson 3B 7. Simmons SS 8. E. Johnson 2B 9 Minor P

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5 Comments on Open thread, 9/11, Braves vs. Marty Malloys

  1. Jeez Louise, we’re limping to the finish line. Huddy, Beachy and Maholm on the shelf, Minor and Wood seem to have forgotten how to pitch, leaving us with Meds and Teheran, hope for a bomb.

  2. Good to see a little passion from the home team last night, despite the loss. Good thing for Jose Fernandez that he’s done for the year. He should expect one in the ribs next time he sees the Braves.

  3. roadrunner48 // September 12, 2013 at 12:22 pm //

    Maholm wasn’t going to make the post season roster, so losing him means finding a warm body to eat 20-25 innings. That’s Freddy Garcia, who’s not much of a downgrade at this point.

    Minor has pitched about the same amount as he did last year, and he was great at the end of 2012. I doubt that the innings are wearing him down. He must be struggling with a mechanical issue. He’s been mediocre for about a month. This team isn’t going far if he doesn’t return to form.

    Wood has had only two bad starts in a row. Either the league is figuring him out or he’s wearing down. If it’s the latter, I’d feel pretty good about a Wood/Beachy combo for that fourth spot, assuming Beachy can come back for a bullpen role.

    Minor is the key.

  4. You missed your chance to say, “Minor is a major key.”

  5. roadrunner48 // September 13, 2013 at 5:02 pm //

    I did. I have to live with that.

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