Open thread, 9/10, Braves vs. Charlie Crists

UPDATE: Good news on the injury front — Reed Johnson has been activated off the DL and Jordan Walden is expected to be available on Thursday. And Jay Hey is on schedule  to get some AB’s in the Instructional League. 

No flip-flopping on the line-up tonight from Fredi, a la Florida’s closeted former Republican governor turned closeted Democratic candidate for governor. I like the stability — more specifically, I like the absence of BJ and Uggla.

1. Schafer CF 2. J Upton RF 3 Freeman 1B 4. Gattis LF 5. McCann C 6. C. Johnson 3B 7. Simmons SS 8. E. Johnson 2B 9 Teheran p

It’ll be interesting to see if Julio benefits from the extra rest. I wouldn’t mind seeing him skipped over one more time, because, of all the Braves hurlers, he’s the most likely to dominate.

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2 Comments on Open thread, 9/10, Braves vs. Charlie Crists

  1. And just as soon as we get the good news on the injury updates, Justin Upton leaves the game with a bruised knee. Hopefully nothing to worry about, as he’s the type of player who could explode in the playoffs and help carry a team.

    It’s definitely good to see Gattis heating up like he has in the past few games though. We’ll definitely need his bat come post-season time…

  2. JUp’s day to day.

    Wonderful outing from Julio tonight. Kid’s got a big pair on him.

    Does Fredi know that Janish is still on this team? I’d rather have him wearing a glove on his throwing hand as a late inning replacement than Uggla.

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