Open Thread, 8/28, Braves vs. the wind

Fan and BJ are back together for the first time in a while. Thus, the wind. The Braves are not playing the kids’ soccer team from that King of the Hill episode.

Truth is, Fredi needs to play Uggla and BJ. The elder Upton brother needs chances to get going. It might seem ridiculously unlikely, and I’ve advocated for Terdo, but he can play both. If BJ somehow finds his swing, he’d be a huge addition down the stretch and in October. His career OPS in September and October is 44 points higher than in any other month, so there’s a chance. Not much of one.

Doesn’t hurt to play him, though, with the 13-game lead. As for Uggla, he’s had a couple stretches this season where he’s hit big home runs. And despite the heinous season….well, I was going to mention that he’s somehow maintained a nearly passable OBP. But it’s only .307, so never mind. Still, you have to give him ABs and see what happens. All things considered, his power makes Uggla a better option than Elliot Johnson, even though his Tim Kurkjian impression kicks ass.

Onward. Oh, and 680 The Fan says Walden has a sore leg and will likely be held out another game or two. Makes sense. Tonight’s lineup: Schafer, J. Upton, Freeman, C. Johnson, McCann, Uggla, BJ, Simmons, Maholm.

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8 Comments on Open Thread, 8/28, Braves vs. the wind

  1. Anyone remember that Juan Francisco guy?

  2. Great win for the home team. They’re not yet mailing it in, which is a good sign.

  3. And Cleveland has much more at stake than the Bravos. Good too see Schafer rediscovering his 1st half form.

  4. Yep. Schafer’s speed was a huge reason the Braves won. Infield, hit, stolen base, and then beat out a close play at the plate to win it. (Even his earlier caught stealing was a bad call.) And winning last night means Fredi can rest the main pen guys tonight and not worry too much about it. Will be interesting to see Fernandez vs. Minor Friday night.

  5. Ooops. Teheran is starting Friday night. That, too, should be a good matchup, two top rookie starters going at it.

  6. Sharon Egan // August 29, 2013 at 1:01 pm //

    It may have taken him some time to arrive at this philosophical point, but I’d imagine Fredi’s sudden willingness to sit some guys who are struggling or underperforming (B.J., Gattis) has to energize the bench guys. As opposed to the Bobby years, if a starter plays like dead weight, a bench guy now can look for meaningful PT. If Pena hadn’t gotten hurt, Uggla would probably find his re-entry into the fulltime lineup much rockier now. Hope Freeman can get some time off down the stretch.

  7. It should not be a problem to rest anyone who needs it, assuming there’s not an apocalyptic losing streak. Since you already have this series in hand, tonight might be a good time to rest Freddie, or maybe you wait until Sunday’s day game after a night game.

  8. The Braves are better without Fat Juan, but he does have 18 homers now.

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