Open Thread, 8/21, Bravos vs. mid-week day game

Always fun to watch young Wood pitch. I can’t watch him today, though, as I’m at work.

Jon Niese has been pitching well for the Mets, and the Braves have not been scorching the ball lately, so this likely will be tight. It’s getting hard to feel much urgency about these games, what with a huge lead and all.

I trust the team doesn’t share my lethargy. J. Upton is not playing. No sense pushing him if he’s not feeling spry. Here’s who is playing: Heyward, Simmons, Freeman, Johnson, Laird, Terdo, BJ, Janish, Wood.

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17 Comments on Open Thread, 8/21, Bravos vs. mid-week day game

  1. Aaron Gould Sheinin // August 21, 2013 at 10:55 am //

    Nope, no J-Up. Mostly B-team lineup: 1. Heyward RF 2. Simmons SS 3. Freeman 1B 4 C Johnson 3B 5. Laird C 6. Terdoslavich LF 7. B. Upton CF 8. Janish 2B 9. Wood P

  2. You’re fast, Aaron. I saw the lineup on the Braves’ site about a minute after I posted. Thanks!

  3. Aaron Gould Sheinin // August 21, 2013 at 12:03 pm //

    The power of the twitt-ah. Like four people posted it in my feed just before I read your post. I reckon Fraudi is sitting McCann because Niese is a lefty. Getting worried about Gattis, too. He’s 0-for-11 and hasn’t homered in August.

  4. Probably more day-game-after-night-game for B-Mac, I’d think. And Laird can use the ABs. Gattis hit the ball hard at least once last night, but, yeah, he’s not been Paul Bunyon for a while now.

  5. Gattis may be struggling, but Bethancourt is putting up big numbers at Double-A: In 81 games: .289-12-44. Wonder if we’ll see him in September.

  6. Damnit! Hope Heyward is okay…

  7. For real. If he’s out for awhile that would SUCK.

  8. CitiField, remember, is where Huddy broke his ankle. Then there was that hurricane fiasco preceding the 2011 collapse.

  9. Better than CJ’s HR was his “ssssh” directed at classless Mets fans who cheered when Jay Hey got hit.

  10. I didn’t hear any cheering when he got hit on the video.

  11. Looked and sounded scary. Be well, J-Hey!

  12. pepefreeus // August 21, 2013 at 10:11 pm //

    4-6 weeks. The playoffs start in about 6. It’ll be close, but I think he’ll be back by then.

  13. So said Chip. (re: cheering)

  14. In case J-Hey isn’t back for the playoffs, and it’s obviously going to be close, could the Braves pursue an outfielder, say a Hunter Pence? Isn’t his contract done at the end of this season?

  15. He may be back for the playoffs but how strong will he be physically? His diet, and how and what he is able to eat will change because of the jaw repair. He was in such a groove; he will undoubtedly be affected by this big layoff.

  16. I also remember when David Wright took a pitch to the head a few years back; even when he came back to play, he wasn’t the same for a while. I’m sure there has to be a psychological effect to something like this, thinking every pitch could be coming at your head until you get used to it again.

    I’m hoping that Heyward only misses 4 weeks, and then has a couple of weeks to get back into game shape for the playoffs.

    Also, if there were any time that we really needed BJ to step it up, this would be it.

  17. pepefreeus // August 22, 2013 at 6:33 pm //

    Apparently he didn’t have to have his jaw wired shut and will be able to eat solid food.

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