Open Thread, 8/16, Braves vs. the most disappointing team in MLB

Before we dive into the main matter, the Phillies owners should be ashamed of themselves. Firing Charile Manuel with a month and a half left in the season is uncalled for and utterly bush. Weak.

This sh-- is over!

This sh– is over!

Moving on, the most interesting note heading into tonight’s tilt at Turner is that Schafer is starting in center. He started the last time the Braves faced a right hander. A straight platoon? Don’t know. I suspect Fredi would be circumspect if one of the scribes asks him, which is probably well advised. One of the many luxuries of a colossal lead is that he can experiment, basically run a six-week audition before the playoffs.

Obviously, the Bravos want home-field advantage, but tinkering and winning do not have to be mutually exclusive. Plus, it looks like the damn Dodgers might not lose another game, anyway. The good news there is that the home team appears unlikely to play them in the opening round of the LDS. If they get home field, they play the wild card. Same as we would if we get it, so looks like we can at least avoid them for one round. I admit, they scare me. But then I don’t play for the Braves.

Anyhoo, the sadnats come in tonight on a six-game winning str….oh, yeah. Hah. The former BMF et. al. coughed up a three-run lead with two outs in the ninth yesterday to the now-woeful SF Giants. Poor Bryce. Poor Jayson, poor minor leaguer Danny “we’re still better than the Braves” Espinosa. I wonder if he still thinks so.

Onward! I’ll be at the yard tonight with Larvell Capra and sons. Hope we see a game. If we do, we’ll watch:

Heyward, J. Upton, Freeman, McCann, Johnson, Schafer, Simmons, Janish, Wood.

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5 Comments on Open Thread, 8/16, Braves vs. the most disappointing team in MLB

  1. Bryce Harper hit-by-pitch twice, and Justin Upton hits the walk-off home run. Priceless!

  2. pepefreeus // August 16, 2013 at 10:10 pm //

    So, did you guys cheer when Hooper was plunked? Carpenter, Santangelo, Holliday and Knight are all terribly butthurt at the way Li’l Lord Fauntleroy has been treated by the Atlanta Meanies lately.

    It’s particularly rich coming from Knight. I don’t recall him being annoyed when Gary Carter took that curtain call after homering against Dave Palmer.

    JUp covered some really questionable ‘pen management from FG.

  3. Wood hit him with a curve ball. If Avilan threw at him, it was a shockingly dumb move. You had two outs, lefty vs. lefty and the sadnats hottest hitter on deck. No way he’s trying to him there.

  4. roadrunner48 // August 17, 2013 at 9:45 am //

    Knight was a memorably dirty player. Fuck him.

    Neither one of those pitches last night were intentional. Werth, Desmond, and LaRoche were huddling last night after the game and Werth insinuated that payback was coming, so we can be sure something is going to happen. When your season is in the toilet, you don’t respect the other team, and resent their position in the standings, then I guess you need to create some drama so that you can act out. That is, if you’re a douche.

    I don’t want anyone getting hurt. I hope whoever gets plunked doesn’t break anything and the team stays in the dugout.

  5. Braves pitchers, hell, everybody’s pitchers should know not to throw inside on Bryce Harper, because ESPiN said he was the chosen one, and as such, he can stand on the damn plate if he so wishes, by gawd.

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