Open thread, 7/30, Braves vs. the Curse of Chief Noc-a-Homa

On this date in 1982, Braves management made the fateful decision to remove the chief’s teepee from left field to make room for more seats. The local nine would blow a 10.5 game lead, losing 15 of their next 16 and 19 of 21 before recovering in time to win their second NL West division title.

A week ago I would’ve believed this team capable of such a slide, but no more. If Alex Wood pitches well tonight, my confidence will know no bounds. The Nats, meanwhile, face Annibal Sanchez in Detroit.

A double-digit lead sure sounds nice.

B-Mac is back in the line-up, hitting 5th. Chris Johnson, with a BA .140 points higher than Fan Uggla’s, follows in the 6-hole. That move, combined with the decision not to bunt Andrelton last night in the 10th, makes me wonder if Fredi has decided to be sensible for a change.

The bench, meanwhile, suffered another blow when Reed Johnson was placed on the 15-day DL with achillies tendinitis. I hope that’s not as bad as it sounds. Todd Cunningham has been called up in his place. Gerald Laird is also on the shelf as he tries to pass kidney stones. He’s day-to-day.

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8 Comments on Open thread, 7/30, Braves vs. the Curse of Chief Noc-a-Homa

  1. Andrelton is THE MAN. Doesn’t matter what he hits, and he’s hitting.

  2. And oh yeah, Freddie’s out of his little slump. Hate to get too far ahead of ourselves, but if this team could somehow secure home field for the playoffs that would be gigantic.

  3. Yeah St. Louis certainly doesn’t look as scary over the last week or so as they did before. What about the Dodgers? Man I hated Puig’s walk off HR on Sunday. Sliding into home? Gimme a break.

  4. Does Laird’s problems & Reed’s injury mean every original bench player has been injured?
    You really have to be impressed with their depth to counter all the injuries.
    Plus having to deal with all their injuries to the bullpen.

  5. Hard to recall a Braves team having this many injuries The bench: Schafer, Gattis, Pena, R. Johnson have all been on the DL and Janish of course was hurt for most of the season. Re Puig — he is a complete jack ass. Flips bats. Doesn’t run out grounders. Slides into home on a home run. And ESPN buffoons like Stuart Scott glorify that behavior. Decidedly not-buffoon Vin Scully, the Dodgers’ own announcer, called him a hot dog, which is an understatement. Great player, but if he doesn’t get beaned soon I’ll be shocked. When do they play the Giants again?

  6. Jack Straw // July 30, 2013 at 9:41 pm //

    62 wins, and that’s only the second or third laugher.
    Heyward to Simmons to McCann to nail Cuddyer was BIG LEAGUE.

  7. Sharon Egan // July 31, 2013 at 2:50 pm //

    I am becoming cautiously optimistic that I can become cocky about the Braves being a lock to avoid the wild card play-in game. If teams as good as Pittsburgh and Cincinnati (I still think the Cards will pull out of their slump right quick) have to play a single game to keep their seasons alive, that seriously sucks.

  8. rankin' rob // July 31, 2013 at 4:39 pm //

    One game play in is right up there with an All Star game that counts and steroids as Bud’s legacy. Rotten fucker makes me miss Bowie Kuhn every time I think about it.

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