Open thread, 7/29, Braves vs. David Nieds

Did you know the inaugural Rockies team had 10 once or future Braves, including Murph and the scrub reliever he was traded for, Jeff Parrett? The others: Nied, Vinny Castilla, the Big Cat, Armando Reynoso, Andy Ashby, Steve Reed, Mark Grant and Darren Holmes.

Back to the present, where the Braves’ rollercoaster of a season hit rock bottom last week, when Huddy broke his ankle, only to reach its zenith with the sweep of the Cards. I feared the Braves would be the ones swept, and had that happened the Nats, winners of their last three, would’ve been 5-/12 games back.

Comeback kid Brandon Beachy need only look at tonight’s mound opponent for inspiration. Jorge De La Rosa missed much of the last two seasons to injury but has been better than ever in 2013, winning 10 with a 2.97 ERA. Surprisingly, he’s pitched better at Coors Field than on the road.

In another surprise, Fredi is batting Chris Johnson fifth, ahead of Fan Uggla, who now has 129 strikeouts, more than any Brave racked up in 2003. Andruw, with 125 K’s, was the only Brave hitter that year to top the century mark in strikeouts.

B-Mac gets the night off, with Gattis catching and the Terd hitting 8th and playing LF:

Jay Hey, Upton, Freddie, Gattis, Johnson, Uggla, Simmons, Terdo, Beachy

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5 Comments on Open thread, 7/29, Braves vs. David Nieds

  1. Jack Straw // July 29, 2013 at 8:07 pm //

    These strikeout totals are astounding. Steve Balboni, Gorman Thomas, Dave Kingman – none of those whiff kings fanned at the rate of today’s guys.

  2. Greenville Braves // July 29, 2013 at 9:36 pm //

    Now that was a fun play to watch from Downs’ Braves debut.

  3. I was shocked. Shocked! (grateful?) that Fredi didn’t make Andrelton bunt.

  4. CD and I were equally shocked. You know he wanted to.

  5. Great game last night, other than Beachy’s forgettable performance. The way the team is going I almost dread BJ Upton’s return.

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