Don’t be surprised if the Braves acquire …

Ervin Santana. Before the recent series against the Royals Fredi talked about how the Braves had previously tried to trade for the Kansas City right-handers, who’s been quite good in 2012.

Santana is available but the price will be steep, say insiders. With Huddy done for the year, it’s a price the Braves may be willing to pay.

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2 Comments on Don’t be surprised if the Braves acquire …

  1. Bigwheel // July 25, 2013 at 10:07 am //

    Id say stand pat.. There is not another SP out there that can replace Huddy any better than Beachy. Plug him right in and not miss a beat. Focus on getting a lefty in the pen, maybe a veteran bench player.. Our cupboard of pitching prospects is all we got on the farm. I hear the notion we need a postseason tested SP, I just dont buy that myth 100%. See the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays. They also had/ve good young pitching..

  2. Sharon Egan // July 25, 2013 at 3:09 pm //

    I agree, why should a team with an eight-game lead jump into a panic trade when it’s about to bring back a guy with the league’s best ERA when he got hurt? Even if you have to go with a four-man rotation featuring Wood, for a turn or two until Beachy is ready to give you 5 or 6 innings against a major-league batting order.

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