Open thread, 7/9, Braves vs. Groundhog Day

No need to post the line-up — it’s the same one Fredi’s run out there for the last two months. Someone tell him it’s not working.

Last night’s win was nice but hardly inspiring,  considering the Braves couldn’t buy a hit off the likes of Kevin Slowey, Chad Qualls and Mike Dunn.

Let’s see if they can handle Henderson Alvarez, who has allowed 285 hits in 256 career IP.

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2 Comments on Open thread, 7/9, Braves vs. Groundhog Day

  1. For all the bellyaching we do about the lineup, the Braves for the season are third in the NL in runs scored, third in OPS and second in OBP. Through eight games in July, the home nine is averaging 6.25 runs a game.

  2. Also of note – our record in road games. We’ve heard lately how the Braves have struggled on the road, but I was looking at all of the other teams in the NL, and only the Cardinals and Pirates have better records on the road than the Braves.

    A funny thing I’ve noticed lately is that every time we start wondering if this is the time when the Braves finally collapse, they generally bounce back. The exact opposite applies to the Nationals – every time I think that they’re finally about to catch a gear, they stall. When the Braves’ lead was down to four games, I was definitely thinking of the Office’s prediction about a 2-game lead if we’re lucky. Now it’s back to 6 games.

    This game drives me crazy…

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