Open thread, 6/18, Braves vs. Danny Heeps

Bad news: Evan Gattis is on the DL with an oblique strain. Tyler Pastornicky, hitting .309 with a .780 OPS, gets the call from Gwinnett.

As for today, getting one game in will be a challenge. Good thing the Bravos are 7-1/2 ahead of the Nats.

Game 1 line-up:

Schafer 8, RJohnson 7, Heyward 9, Freeman 3, CJohnson 5, Laird 2, Uggla 4, Simmons 6, Wood 1

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7 Comments on Open thread, 6/18, Braves vs. Danny Heeps

  1. Harvey’s at 100 pitches. Maybe Collins will pull him.

  2. pepefreeus // June 18, 2013 at 4:17 pm //

    Remember that anecdote that you guys published about how the Braves higher ups canned Tanner at least partially because they were afraid that he was going to overuse Glavine and Pete Smith when they were first up? Collins reminded me of that today.

  3. I’m wondering why Freddie used Carpenter in the first game today; he was the one who finished the game for the Braves last night, right? Could’ve at least given him the morning off; instead, he gives up the two runs that cost us the game…

  4. I’d like to note that the 13 or so strike outs certainly didn’t help the cause – not blaming it on Carpenter by any means.

  5. I know Fredi loves to right, left, right left the lineup, but I do not like having B.J. batting behind Freeman. McCann should be in that spot or Freeman will get pitched around in any tough spot.

  6. Too bad Chip didn’t make fun of a guy w/ ALS.

  7. Tokyokie // June 19, 2013 at 3:55 pm //

    I’m not saying Fredi isn’t an idiot, but he’s having to manage a team with a bunch of all-or-nothing hitters who have trouble scoring runs without homers, doesn’t have a leadoff hitter, is better than mediocre defensively at maybe two positions (shortstop and right field), has a starting rotation that lacks a true ace and a bullpen riddled with injuries. Frank Wren is the knucklehead who threw together this collection of talent, as well as the guy who’s handcuffed the team with every long-term deal he’s reached the last five years. If not for Freddie’s two-run, ninth-inning home run the other morning, we’d be looking at having been unable to score a run over three straight games against the starting pitchers of the stinkin Mets.

    I’m for firing both of them. This is pathetic. The Braves are fortunate that the Natspos have too many apprentice Borasbots and the Phillies are old.

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