Open thread, 6/9, Braves vs. Kevin Malones

‘The Sheriff’

Last night Kris Medlen made an enviable decision even tougher, pitching beautifully for the second start in a row. Are you going to move him to the bullpen?

It’s got to be Beachy. And maybe that’s what the Braves are thinking. Just because they’ve announced he’ll start in the doubleheader against the Mets doesn’t mean he’s back in the rotation. If Beachy was unavailable then I assume Sean Gilmartin or someone like him would be called up for the game.

Rookie right-hander Matt Magill, who walked 9 and allowed 4 HRs in his last start, toils for the Dodgers today. Hopefully that means ¬†Fan Uggla sits (don’t expect me to be impressed by his homer last night off a hanging curve). Line-ups haven’t been posted yet, so we’ll see.

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5 Comments on Open thread, 6/9, Braves vs. Kevin Malones

  1. I don’t see how this is so tough. Put Beachy in the bullpen and wait for the inevitable DL stint for one of the guys in the rotation. Beachy goes back in the rotation and we repeat the process until Huddy retires or Tommy John comes to visit again.

  2. Tokyokie // June 9, 2013 at 1:55 pm //

    I think that’s the first picture I’ve ever seen of Kevin Malone. You sure that isn’t one of those oily villains Keenan Wynn used to play? I mean put him in an Army uniform, and you’ve got Col. Bat Guano (if that’s his real name).

  3. Good call on Keenan Wynn. Malone was Ned Flanders crossed w/ Gary Busey — recall this story?

    Flanked by two lawyers and four huge placards of Los Angeles Times sports sections, former Dodger general manager Kevin Malone emerged from two weeks of seclusion Thursday to challenge the accuracy of Times’ reports of his run-in with a fan in San Diego on April 14, an incident that preceded his forced resignation by five days.

  4. Maybe your reverse psychology approach is working for Fan…?

  5. Sharon Egan // June 10, 2013 at 2:55 pm //

    Either a ridiculous hot streak from Uggla awaits like the one in his first season in Atlanta, or he’ll quickly return to one hit and four Ks every 10 at-bats. I no longer have any confidence that he can elevate to even a consistent .250 hitter.

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