Open thread, 6/6, Braves vs. Don Stanhouses

Signed for 5 years by Dodgers in ’79, released after 1 season.

One day after placing Stephen Strasburg on the DL comes this headline outta D.C.:

Bryce Harper injury: Nationals OF to visit Dr. James Andrews Monday

The Braves lead the Nats by 8 games and the Phils by 7-1/2. Philly is playing to expectations — .500, give or a take a few games. They’re not a threat.

And while I’m not ready to dismiss the Nats, events seem to be conspiring against them. Perhaps hubris is to blame.

Meanwhile, everything’s going right for the Braves, who will face four Dodgers starters not named Clayton Kershaw this weekend. No Matt Kemp, either, but I am looking forward to seeing Yasiel Puig play.

And it’ll be nice to see our old pal Petah Moylan, now pitching out of L.A.’s pen. Lineups haven’t been posted yet but hopefully we’ll see Pena at 2B instead of Fan Uggla.

UPDATE: Pena gets the start, but at 3B. Fan is batting 6th.

Simmons 6, Heyward 9, JUpton 7, Freeman 3, McCann 2, Uggla 4, Pena 5, BUpton 8, Hudson 1

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2 Comments on Open thread, 6/6, Braves vs. Don Stanhouses

  1. Tokyokie // June 6, 2013 at 6:07 pm //

    Do you realize that these next two series will be the last regular-season games the Braves play west of the Central Time Zone? Heck, the only games the Braves will have left in even the Central Time Zone will be one series each at the Brewers, Royals (both in a couple of weeks), Cardinals, White Sox and Cubs. That’s only 9 games after the end of June outside our time zone. I’d say the schedule is going to be in our favor moving forward.

  2. That game was so Uggla. He gets the bat on the ball down by 5 runs.
    Brutal baserunning didn’t help. Braves only have 19 steals w/12 CS. The regulars have 11 steals.

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