Open thread, 5/27, Braves vs. Paul Spoljarics

Unfortunately, Fredi will have to do some managing with the ‘pen in shambles. If last night was any indication, this could get ugly fast.

Pulling Julio in the 7th would’ve been okay if you still had O’Flaherty, but instead he burned Avilan, who threw one pitch, leaving Gearrin to pitch in the 8th to left-handed hitters ┬áLucas Duda and Ike Davis. Teheran had thrown only 93 pitches and was working on an extra day’s rest. He could’ve finished the 7th and likely pitched into the 8th.

Fredi, when asked why he didn’t take Gearrin out, snapped, “Who would you like me to put in?”

Look in the mirror, Fredi. You’re the one who reduced your options with a quick hook.

Meanwhile, the Jays have been killing the ball lately, so it could get ugly this week.

You’ve been warned.

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3 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/27, Braves vs. Paul Spoljarics

  1. Ges├╣ Cristo su una bicicletta, we’re being no-hit by a guy with a 5.60 ERA, one night after making a career mediocrity compile a Nolan Ryan-like K total. Can we buy the house Chipper’s put on the market and beg him to stay in town and come in and help out the hitting coach?

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