Open thread, 5/17, Braves vs. Jack Fimples

For the first time this year, the Braves are fully intact. All their regulars are healthy and in the line-up, though one wonders if that’s a good thing.

It is. Though Jordan Schafer and Evan Gattis have produced at the plate they aren’t in the same universe as B.J. and Jay Hey, talent-wise.

Slumps, though generally not so pronounced, happen to the best of them.

In 2004 Chipper entered the All-Star Break batting .214 with a .741 OPS. His second-half OPS was more than .200 points higher.

Not to compare B.J. and Jay Hey to Chipper, though it does illustrate that even the greats aren’t immune to prolonged funks.

Let’s hope theirs end tonight.

1. Simmons SS 2. Heyward RF 3. J. Upton RF 4. Freeman 1B 5. C. Johnson 3B 6. McCann C 7. Uggla 2B 8. B. Upton CF 9. Maholm P

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3 Comments on Open thread, 5/17, Braves vs. Jack Fimples

  1. rankin' rob // May 17, 2013 at 7:51 pm //

    Do we have to keep playing Fuggla every day? He can’t possibly suck enough.

  2. Tokyokie // May 17, 2013 at 8:12 pm //

    And B.J. sucks worse.

  3. Tokyokie // May 18, 2013 at 10:40 am //

    Why is it that the Braves seem to do better when I become disgusted midway through the game (not that I get that many Braves games in Fort Worth) and take my grumpiness back to the computer room? (Really, B.J., popping up early in the count against a pitcher with severe control difficulties TWICE? Or Maholm, laying a pitch with little on it in the middle of the plate with two outs and the opposing pitcher batting?)

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