R.I.P. Rick Camp

Dead of natural causes. Here’s a story I wrote for the local organ remembering Rick Camp’s most iconic moment as a Brave:

“I thought it was the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse,” she said — a sight no less likely than a Rick Camp home run.

No one was much surprised that the Braves lost — a common occurrence in the 1980s.

“If we have to rely on me to hit a home run to win a game, we’re in bad shape,” Camp said afterward.

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6 Comments on R.I.P. Rick Camp

  1. Terrific piece

    He was a big part of my baseball card collection and Braves memories good and bad. RIP

  2. #57th former Atlanta Brave to pass away, pitcher better known for a single swing,,, had a couple nice years in the pen without a dominating k-pitch,, then yoyo from pen to SP then pen then SP then pen

  3. pepefreeus // April 25, 2013 at 9:45 pm //

    Steve Hummer wrote a good piece about Rick getting his life back together in 2008. I’m looking around for it online, now.

    I remember that Skip went out of his way to assure Rick that everything was still good between them, which was very typically Skip.

  4. Apparently Camp used to head out from a day/night at the ball park with an athletic sock full if beer cans for the ride home in his pick up. Guy was definitely a big part of Atlanta Braves lore, just like Perez.

  5. Tokyokie // April 26, 2013 at 6:32 am //

    I was working as the sports desk news editor for the old Chattanooga Times when that 18-inning game took place. I held a page for as long as I could to get the result in, but I had to give up around midnight without getting even the boxscore. A couple of us hung around the office and watched another inning or so, then headed home, where I worked on something without the TV on until I got a call probably about 2:30 from a buddy saying, “Hey, are you watching this game?” So I turned it on and watched until Camp hit his homer. At that point, I laughed and turned it off and went to bed, figuring that if the game could be extended on a Rick Camp homer, it was destined to never end. (Camp may have been the very worst hitter I’ve ever seen in an MLB game.) The fireworks display did, however, reinforce the meaning of “dawn’s early light.”

    Sorry to hear about his death. I was surprised to see that he ended his career with an ERA in the low 3’s and a winning record. Fairly amazing when you consider that he played for some really bad teams and didn’t have any particularly good pitches.

  6. And now the great George Jones is gone, too. RIP, Rick and The Possum.

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