Open thread, 4/9, Braves vs. Wilmer Valderramas

One of Miami’s more annoying native sons

There are only so many old Marlins to choose from, and by now we’ve run through virtually all of them. Instead we’ll pick on Miami native Wilmer Valderrama, whose character Fez was the most annoying character on a very annoying show.

The local nine appear poised to improve to 7-1, though they haven’t been as impressive as their record indicates. I expect Meds to improve on his debut, if for no other reason than he’s pitching against a truly feeble line-up.

The Braves are fortunate to be facing the dregs of the league as the bats — outside of Justin Upton, Freddie, the third basemen and catchers — have been anemic. Jay Hey, replaced by Reed Johnson in tonight’s line-up, has just two hits all year. Andrelton has three, while Uggla has twice as many K’s (8) as hits. B.J., meanwhile, has a 3:1 strikeout to hit ratio.

Take away J-Up and how many wins would the Braves have? Three? Four?

At most.

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5 Comments on Open thread, 4/9, Braves vs. Wilmer Valderramas

  1. That they are winning with so many guys not hitting is a good sign. J. Upton will cool, of course, but when the others start hitting, they’ll score more runs. Meanwhile, the pen has been stellar and the rotation good. I was annoyed last night to see Simmons fail to get a bunt down and throw high to first on what should’ve been a double play. Quibbles, but we here obviously like to quibble even at 6-1. After all, how you do it doesn’t matter. The standings are based on wins and losses, nothing else.

  2. pepefreeus // April 9, 2013 at 5:48 pm //

    I was going to write something like that, just not as well. Agreed, in all particulars.

  3. Bright Spots:

    1. Medlen definitely looked good last night – in his last three innings he only needed 24 pitches to get through those innings.

    2. Andrelton’s 3 hits are a good sign as well.

    3. El Oso Blanco looks good at the plate as well as behind it – I’d say start him more, but Laird is proving capable as well so far.

    4. Two games in a row that Kimbrel has gotten the save in close games – he doesn’t look his sharpest, so I look for him to get much better as we move through the season

    This early in the season, I’m not too worried about the hitting struggles of Heyward/BJ – they’ll both come around. Freddie will provide consistent offense when he comes back, and I look for McCann to provide some solid hitting when he returns as well. We can say that we’re a bit lucky for winning games so far with only a couple of guys providing the offense, but let’s remember that our pitching has been very solid so far, and that was definitely expected.

  4. Speaking of The White Bear, the brass will have to make an interesting call when McCann returns. Laird’s signed for two years, so you’d have to assume he’s going nowhere. Do you keep three catchers so that you can use Gattis as a pinch hitter and to spell McCann? It’s a small sample, yes, but from what I’ve seen I’d much rather see him in the lineup than Laird. Gattis looks fine behind the plate and far better than Laird at the plate. On the other hand, do they send Gattis down to catch and hit every day? Again, it’s based on a small number of ABs, but I’d hate to see a bat like that taken off the roster.

  5. pepefreeus // April 10, 2013 at 2:38 pm //

    This is where having a DH in the NL would help, immensely.

    Of course, seeing John Lannan bat or having the spellbinding possibility of the always fascinating double switch is far more important.

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