The Aarons and the Uptons

Last night marked the first time in 51 years a player hit a walk-off homer in the same game that his brother homered.

On July 12, 1962, the Braves entered the 9th inning trailing the Cards 6-3. With one out, Tommie Aaron, pinch-hitting for Claude Raymond, went deep to close the gap to 2 runs. The Braves proceeded to load the bases for Bad Henry, who won the game with a homer to left.

Siblings have homered in the same inning six times, but before Saturday no pair of brothers had ever homered to tie and then win a game.

Thanks to Pepefreeus for bringing the knowledge.


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One thought on “The Aarons and the Uptons

  1. Your colleague Mr. O’Brien put me on the trail by passing along the info from Elias about the ’62 game on his Twitter page. From there, I looked up Tommie’s homer log from ’62 to find the specific game.

    That team was pretty good (86-76), finishing 5th in a deep and competitive league.

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