Gattis makes the roster

DOB reports Gattis may split time with Laird, bolstering speculation that the 26-year-old right-handed hitting rookie will start Opening Day with southpaw Cole Hamels on the mound for Philly.

The roster is pretty much set, with Jordan Schafer and Ramiro Pena filling out a bench that includes Juan Francisco/Chris Johnson and Reed Johnson.

And with JV all but certain to start the season on the DL, expect ¬†Cristhian Martinez and Anthony Varvaro¬†— both out of options — to fill out the bullpen along with Jordan Walden, Avilan, EOF and Kimbrel.

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6 Comments on Gattis makes the roster

  1. Walden better be good or losing JV will be HUGE. I don’t like our bench, but I never do. I wish Gattis wasa third basemen. But I love the lineup and I think our starters will win 65 -70 games.

  2. rankin' rob // March 27, 2013 at 2:00 pm //

    JV didn’t pitch all that great last year and has been headed for physical collapse for a while, which is too bad. What’s the over/under on Schafer making himself persona non grata with either the clubhouse or the club?

  3. Sharon Egan // March 27, 2013 at 4:07 pm //

    I stand corrected. I thought Gattis would be another feel-good story the front office trotted out to gin up interest in spring training, with zero chance of making the big league roster. Wrong.

  4. El Oso Blanco!

  5. R. Johnson, R. Pena, Johnson/Francisco, Gattis/Laird, Schafer. Not the best bench ever, but the Braves have had worse ones.

  6. Sssh!! Keith Lockhart still lives!

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