Paul Assenmacher w/ a bad attitude

Actually, that’s not fair to Assenmacher, who was better than Al Hrabosky, at least as a Brave. And he was more affordable than the Mad Hungarian, signed to a ridiculous (at its time) 5-year, $2.2 million contract prior to the 1980 season.

Geno flopped as the Braves closer in ’79, but Hrabosky wasn’t much better for the Royals. He had a 1.662 WHIP and saw his strikeouts drop from 60 to 39. But Ted liked personalities and was willing to overspend to get one.

Unfortunately, jerks don’t sell tickets, and neither do middling set-up men. Three Braves had more saves than Hrabosky in 1980, including the late Larry Bradford. Hrabosky was released halfway through his contract and never pitched in the majors again.

His two most memorable moments as a Brave say it all:

Lance Armstrong, minus the good deeds

Roger Clemens’ denial is contagious.

In a Los Angeles Times story, The Rocket’s lawyers vehemently defended his client (shocking, I know).

“For them to say, ‘He’s not getting into the Hall of Fame because I know he did it’?” co-counsel Michael Attanasio said ( “I think that’s shameful.”

And …

“I would think that if a baseball writer really wanted conscientiously to cast a vote on one of the greatest pitchers of all time, go look at the evidence,” lead counsel Rusty Hardin said ( “See, after you read it, why the jury did it. It wasn’t a crazy jury.”

At least they’re getting paid for their delusion.