Try for Tulo

Dan Uggla is a good teammate. He plays hard. But I have a nagging feeling he’ll make a pivotal error that will end the Braves’ season after stranding a half-dozen runners on base. Call it a hunch.

Finding a team willing to take on the 3 years and $39 million remaining on his contract won’t be easy, but, as the trades of Vernon Wells and Carl Crawford demonstrate, it can be done.

The Rockies, rebuilding yet again, are in desperate need of young arms. And the Braves have them.

It would take a lot of talent to get the Rockies to include Troy Tulowitzki, who’s owed $140 million through 2020, but FW should try. Tulo has battled injuries throughout his career, playing in only 47 games this season — two years after he missed 40 games — so he comes with some risk. A shift to third base might limit those trips to the DL.

The dude is a star when healthy — even when not playing at Coors Field. He has a very respectable .814 OPS in road games over his career.

Tulo turned 28 a week ago, so he figures to be entering the prime of his career. The two-time All-Star will be 35 when his deal expires and he’ll never make more than $20 million annually.

His contract may seem onerous but it’s really not. In fact, with baseball’s rich new TV contract, it’ll probably end up being a bargain.

I figure it would take a a trio of pitching prospects — Delgado, Sean Gilmartin and Zeke Spruill — in addition to Uggla to make it happen, though that’s probably a tad optimistic.

The end result would be extremely beneficial, offensively and defensively. Tulo pounds southpaws (.930 career OPS) and he’d combine with Freeman, Prado and Andrelton to form an infield without peer.

And we’d be rid of Uggla.

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10 thoughts on “Try for Tulo

  1. I like your thinking. The Rockies, however, are a christianist outfit that seeks out personnel who embrace “family values”. Dan has a somewhat unsavory personal life that is public knowledge. I don’t think O’Doud would go for it. Now if Dan didn’t suck and he started making public statements about being saved by Jesus….

  2. He was bonklng a teenager and his wife found out. I think that came out in the divorce proceedings. I didn’t know about the porn star. That’s promising. The greater the sin, the greater the salvation according to christianist theology. Now if Dan could add to the list by getting caught doing meth with a male prostitute AND then found Jesus, perhaps O’Doud would find him irresistible.

  3. Would give up any set of pitching prospects for Tulo. Unfortunately though the move to 3b drains quite a bit of his value. A good defensive SS with his bat is elite. At 3b he’s merely above average and may not be worth all that cash.

    Hoping Uggs bounces back.

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