No shame in being pissed

Nearly a quarter century ago, a moribund Braves franchise recruited Jim Varney, aka Ernest P. Worrell, as a pitchman.

The Braves trotted out Ernest with all the subtlety befitting the character. On radio, fans hear Ernest yelling at Vern to buy tickets – as often as every half-inning. At the ballpark, Ernest’s 6-foot~tall face grins maniacally above the Gate G ticket windows.

For Braves fans, it was one indignity too many. When Ernest P. Worrell showed up on the Matrix board one Sunday afternoon to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” he was greeted with a chorus of boos, thus ending one of the marketing department’s many missteps. (Side note: Some guy wearing a Taco Mac shirt threw out the first pitch Friday. Typical.)

Braves fans are not the most passionate in baseball, obviously, but it’s good to see that, when pushed, they still have a pulse. I would’ve been embarrassed had the fans not gone apoplectic after Sam Holbrook’s historically atrocious call. No one was hurt, so let’s not treat what happened as more than it was.

Too bad the Used Car Salesman wasn’t there, for its his refusal to allow instant replay ensured the call would stand. Bud Selig, you suck. Always have, always will.

And as you’d expect, Holbrook was unapologetic.

Holbrook defended the call, even after he looked at the replay.

“Once that fielder established himself, he got ordinary effort,” he said, referring to shortstop Pete Kozma calling for the ball, then veering away at the last moment as left fielder Holliday drifted in. “That’s when the call was made.”

Asked if he thought he made the proper ruling after seeing the replay, Holbrook replied, “Absolutely.”

Eric Gregg will meet you in Hell.

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5 Comments on No shame in being pissed

  1. RJR Squeeze Bunt // October 6, 2012 at 2:29 pm //

    Here’s one thing any competent umpire thinks about when deciding what call to make there:
    Is it even FUCKING POSSIBLE to turn a double play from that spot in the outfield if the sage infielder let the ball drop on purpose??? Given the distance of the two throws, the answer is self-evident.

    JMFC, I swear even the morons that used to call Skip in the pre-game have a better feel for the spirit of the IF rule than Holbrook.

  2. RJR Squeeze Bunt // October 6, 2012 at 2:34 pm //

    And yeah, part of me was a little proud that we publicly lost our shit. I totally agree that it would have been more embarrassing to see our fans just sit there and take that doggie-style.

    I feel like Chipper feels the same way given his comment about how “you can’t say Braves fans don’t care”. Chipper would be as entitled as anyone on the planet to criticize how dispassionate his team’s fan base is, but he always had our back. Couldn’t say that about Justice, or even Ronnie G on the occasional rough day.

    It’s all whipped cream on shit for how I feel today, but it’s something.

  3. rankin' rob // October 6, 2012 at 4:17 pm //

    I know the umpires and Joe Torre are all sure that it was just another routine call, but anyone who watches that play knows that it was completely wrong. So the question becomes why? Is it pure incompetence or is it something worse than that? That call smelled. At the very least it was a makeup call for the 4th strike they gave us earlier in the game. I’d be curious if anyone on the umpiring crew lays a little sports book action from time to time.

    Doesn’t matter anyway. We fielded like a bunch of tee-ball players.

  4. PepeFreeUs // October 6, 2012 at 11:19 pm //

    A bored guy on the line (where no one usually is), looking for some action. Simple as that.

    I think it might be time to rethink the practive of putting two extra umps out there. That’s where that asshole Garcia was when he let that shit eating brat steal an easy out from Tony Tarasco and the Yankees got the most hilariously wrong fair ball call ever seen a couple of years ago by another of those schmoes.

  5. I’m glad the fans littered the field as well. In MLB, the Umps fancy themselves as gods. Sometimes they need to be reminded that the game doesn’t revolve around them.

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