Medlen stat du jour

Via Grantland, which has a nice piece about the Braves ace:

• Medlen is the first pitcher since earned runs became official in 1912 to have at least eight wins and an ERA of 0.76 or lower, and average at least one strikeout per inning over a 10-start span.

• Only one other pitcher in Braves history won at least eight games with an ERA below 1.00 over any 10-start span. Warren Spahn went 10-0 with a 0.99 ERA over a 10-start span in 1961 (July 30-September 10).

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4 thoughts on “Medlen stat du jour

  1. Wow! That’s rarified company. As a kid, Warren Spahn was God. If we had a couple more Medlens we’d be set.

  2. If you look at his gamelog that season, Spahn was kind of stumbling through the first half before he hit the gas for that stretch. He did that a few times later in his career.

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