The albatross

A schizophrenic team breeds a schizophrenic fan base, so 86 last week’s post praising Frank Wren’s adept dealmaking. While he’s made some outstanding trades as GM, his checkbook privileges should be revoked.

For example, the trade for Dan Uggla was a good move, or at least defensible. Signing him to a five-year contract was not.

Consider FW’s “hires”: Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, Fredi, Larry Parrish, Uggla. Who’s the biggest bust?

I’d have to go with Uggla, who has the third-lowest slugging percentage among NL regulars (topping only Furcal and Cameron Maybin). Lowe was a flop, but he was a key contributor to the 2010 playoff run. KK won only 9 games as a Brave, but, at three years and $21 million, the cost was manageable.

Uggla, hitting .223 with a .743 OPS as a Brave, has three years and $39 million left on his contract. Good luck finding someone to take on that burden. Maybe they can package him with a player another team covets, as the Red Sox just did in their monster deal with LA, but I don’t see it happening. The Braves could agree to pay half his salary and he’d still be owed $6.5 million per year.

Fortunately, the Royals need a second baseman, so not all hope is lost. Hell, I’d trade Uggla for Francoeur at this point.

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3 Comments on The albatross

  1. “The Albatross” should be his nickname.

  2. I keep thinking Uggla will turn it around but it looks like he’s going to have a worse season than last, which is unfathomable. How come he played so well in FL but sucks in ATL? Probably some reason for which Fredi G deserves blame.

  3. Does it come with wafers?

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