Encourage Chip Caray to keep tweeting stupid shit

Maybe he’ll get himself canned.

Chip Caray’s Twitter feed last night tweeted the following, which appears to be Caray snarking on a news headline regarding the Aurora shooting to make an anti-Obama point (i.e. the “brighter day” will come when Obama is voted-out in Novemeber):

As The Outside Corner blog details, Caray’s followers called him out as insensitive, after which Caray almost immediately said his Twitter account was hacked.  His feed then goes on in detail to explain that he was hacked, he didn’t say that thing about Obama and then asks for help in trying to change his password on his iPad.

But also, as The Outside Corner notes, if Caray was hacked, it’s kind of an odd hack as immediately before and after the tweet in question, Caray tweeted a bunch of things that would be typical for someone like Caray to tweet. Talking baseball, congratulating Ron Santo on his Hall of Fame induction, etc.

In a world in which everyone who says something dumb on Twitter immediately claims they were hacked … what do we make of this?

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10 Comments on Encourage Chip Caray to keep tweeting stupid shit

  1. Like anyone would care enough about chip Carey to hack his acciunt

  2. What ever happen to free speech pretty sure chip would have the right even if he was not hacked to say something about the person that is called the president especially if he voted even though baseball should have no politics involved its in everything else in our world now

  3. PepeFreeUs // August 3, 2012 at 10:52 pm //

    In this case, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    Hey, Kyle…”the person who is called the president” received over 69 million votes and carried the electoral college 365-173.

  4. Chip has the right to say it, and his employer has the right to say we don’t want our broadcasters alienating a portion of our audience with his political views. That’s not to say I want Chip fired because of his politics — I want him fired because he annoys me. No one’s stopping him from becoming a talk radio host.

    The First Amendment prohibits the government from censoring your speech, that’s all. It’s easy to understand, yet so often misunderstood.

  5. I’m gonna go with who cares! What happened with it being ok to voice your opinion? People have become so uptight that freedom of speech doesn’t occur without some Nancy getting their feelings hurt. Whether you think Obama is the greatest or worst president thats YOUR OPINION and as am American you have a right to voice it. BTW Obama is an awful president but that’s my opinion, suck it!

  6. Chip doesn’t deserve to be fired because he tweeted that; he deserves to be fired because simply put, HE SUCKS AT BROADCASTING BASEBALL.

    Now having said that (a nod to my fellow Curb Your Enthusiasm fans), fuck him for tweeting that. Also, nobody needs to hack Chip Caray’s account as there already was a hilarious fake twitter account a couple of years ago that skewered him properly.

    This article details:


  7. Jack Straw // August 4, 2012 at 8:30 am //

    Unless you are self-employed, everything you do and say potentially reflects upon someone else (your employer and co-workers). Sure, Chip has First Amendment rights, but as our host notes, that applies to government suppression of speech.
    I am with Caz: fire him solely because he is a suck announcer. He is also a jinx.

  8. jjschiller // August 4, 2012 at 9:23 am //

    Why on Earth would anyone think that the dust-up around what Caray said has anything to do with “Hey, you can’t hate my President! That makes me mad because I like him!”

    Hate the President all god damn day long if you want to. But what Caray did there was to equate the “darkness” of being an wealthy. employed. NEPOTIST subjected to a President he doesn’t agree with, with the “darkness” of being a mourning parent of a murdered child.

    No biggie, right?

    If the President’s speech had been about, say, the economy, and he used the lofty language “out of this darkness, a brighter day will come,” then sure, fair game. You might even sound witty.

    But he was speaking to the MOURNING PARENTS OF MURDERED CHILDREN.

    And this “Freedom of speech” thing the ditto-heads go run to whenever someone is chided for speaking hatefully or plain stupidly… Have you actually read that miniature constitution you carry in your wallet?

    You can say whatever you want, and the government can’t prosecute you for it. The rest of the world has every right to comment on it, judge you for it, and base their opinions of you on the words that you say. In what world are we supposed to hear someone say something stupid or hateful, or, say, patently false and veiled-hateful, and say “Oh wait, he’s not a jerk. Them’s just words. That there’s his freedom-of-speech.”

  9. Chip is bad. He has some moments that are not terrible, but I wonder how often Joe just has to shake his head in the booth. I prefer Don and Jim any day.

  10. PepeFreeUs // August 4, 2012 at 2:59 pm //

    jj makes a good point, which I hadn’t even considered.

    That fact alone could make this have some traction.

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