First half report: Bats and gloves

McCann C+. His strong last week upped the grade from a C, and his second half will go a long way towards determining whether the Braves should sign him up long term. Tough call, but I’d lean toward …

Bourn A. The game’s best lead-off hitter. Period. We went years without one and have no candidates in the farm system to supplant him in CF. He must be re-signed, but I fear we’ll see him in a Nats’ uni next season.

Chipper A. The dude’s leading the Braves in OPS. So much for worries (I’m among the guilty) that he was overstaying his welcome.

Freddie B-. A little too aggressive at the plate, but you can’t quibble with his production. Expect a big second half.

Uggla C-. His defenders point to his .355 OBP and 46 RBI, productive numbers for a middle infielder. But to me, he’s the Derek Lowe of the offense with a salary to match.

Martin A-. What can’t he do? About time FW locked him up long-term.

Jay Hey B+. Whew. The future face of the franchise was starting to look like a bust but has rediscovered his the stroke that will make him a star. He’ll finish the year with an OPS nearing .900 and 30 homers.

Andrelton A-. Outstanding defensively, of course, but who knew he’d be such a force at the plate. Dare I say the name Davey Concepcion?


David Ross B+. He’s not just the game’s best back-up catcher, he’s its best reserve. Period.

Hinske, Diaz, Wilson, et al. D-. Just awful.


Plus defenders at each of the OF positions and at SS. Average at the corners and catcher, below average at second.

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1 Comment on First half report: Bats and gloves

  1. bootiehooker // July 14, 2012 at 11:28 am //

    I doubt that the Nats sign another outfielder. They’ve got Werth, Harper and Morse. If they don’t resign LaRoche they could move Morse to first. Tyler Moore can play outfield although his natural position is first. The Nats are very high on Moore who can really rake. I would suspect he will be an everyday player next year.

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